About Us

“On a bike, no one ever asks, “Are we there yet?” – Stacy Westfall

Road Snug is a mecca for motorcycle enthusiasts. It is a one-stop destination for all your bike-related information, including the guides, reviews, and the most recent news. From helmets, communication devices to riding gears and accessories, we talk about everything. We help the readers/potential buyers make the best decision by investing in the right product.

The Road Snug website has dedicated sections for all your motorcycle-related needs. With a single tap, you’ll be directed to high-quality, filtered information from our experts. After extensive research, surveys, and sometimes physical tryouts, our team puts together the most relevant content for the readers.

And that’s our cue to introduce you to the Road Snug team.


Winston has been an automobile journalist all his life. As a freshman in college, he used to freelance and write motorcycle blogs. Soon after graduation, he joined a magazine to formally start his career as a writer. Since then, he has worked on a variety of projects and led a number of them from the ground up.

Apart from writing, he also liked to draw motorcycle designs. He always keeps his iPad with him and enjoys drawing illustrations when he has free time. Many of his designs have been featured in magazines he has worked for in the past.

A wanderer at heart, Winston has been on the road since he was 16. His father taught him how to ride, and since then, his motorcycle became his best friend. Winston used to accompany him as a kid, and every time he rides, he is overwhelmed by the beautiful memories of his childhood. He lost his father to cancer a few years ago, and his motorcycle is Winston’s most prized possession to date. He feels closer to his dad whenever he rides that bike. 

He is always up for new adventures solo or with a group. When traveling solo, he is always looking to interact with people. He loves it when strangers talk. New people and new stories keep him going. 


William worked as a motorcycle salesman for years before he finally quit to become a full-time traveler. Soon after, his utmost love for bikes and vast knowledge about them landed him at Road Snug as a senior author and editor.

Funny story, William met Winston on one of their trips and totally hit it off. They shared their love for motorcycles, traveling, and writing over a beer in a cafe midway. That is when Winston asked him to join his team at Road Snug. Together, they help people make smart decisions when it comes to choosing the right motorcycles and accessories.

He mostly writes about ways to maintain the motorcycles covering topics like winterizing, waxing, etc. When not working, Davison can be found in his garage waxing his bike and preparing it for his next adventure. 

Even COVID couldn’t stop him from exploring what’s all out there. As soon as the lockdown lifted, he was on the road again (taking all the important precautions, obviously). After months of staying at home, he says he felt alive being able to ride again.


Shattering the age-old stereotype that women can’t ride well is Sarah Combest, a bike enthusiast and senior writer at Road Snug. She is a business major who has worked in the corporate industry for quite some time.

Earlier, she also used to write personal travel blogs focused on her beloved Harley. Road Snug gave her a chance to turn her hobby into a profession. It was a huge decision for her, switching from a successful career to following her passion. But she made it in a heartbeat.

For Sarah, the best part about the job is that she gets to ride different motorcycles and try on a variety of accessories and riding gears. She personally uses many of them. When not working or traveling, she can be found playing or cuddling with her golden retriever. 

She is the founder of one of the most famous all-women biker groups in Chicago. Biking is a passion for these women, and together they have covered many country roads. It is a group with a purpose that rides to spread awareness about several women-related issues.


Road Snug was founded with one mission in mind — to help buyers find the best product in the market. When it comes to motorcycle accessories, one cannot afford to take the chance of buying something cheap. It’s because, directly or indirectly, it’s your safety at stake here.

Having ridden all their lives, the team understands the excitement as well as the confusion of the customers. With a plethora of options in the market, one tends to get overwhelmed and often ends up making the wrong choice. Road Snug wants to save you from just that. We make every effort to make your shopping experience as seamless as possible. It shouldn’t feel like a chore wherein you have to scroll for hours on end while keeping multiple tabs open. Even after all this hassle, more often than not, you don’t even find the right product to purchase.

We act as a helping hand. We conduct research on your behalf, filter out irrelevant content, and review the right options for you to choose from. The team evaluates the products based on their features, usability, durability, product quality, and price points. We consider both high-end and low-cost products, with no compromise on quality. Apart from products, we provide you with the right information regarding your motorcycle. Our ‘Guides’ and ‘Maintenance and Care’ section are focused on the same.

Road Snug is a customer-centric platform with empathy and customer obsession being our core values. We carefully consider customer feedback and try to shape our strategies to best serve everyone.

Our team is ever ready to assist the customers. We listen to your concerns, problems, and dilemmas in order to provide the best solution possible. You can connect with the team via our Contact Us page. Just fill in the short form, and we will get in touch with you.

Until then, we wish you a happy and safe riding experience!