Best 3/4 Motorcycle Helmet 2022

Who doesn’t enjoy the thrill of the breeze on their skin when riding a bike? It is, without a doubt, one of the most exciting aspects of a bike ride. But with some of these regular helmets, the dream sometimes remains unfulfilled, isn’t that so? 

However, you must probably be wearing them because what else is there to do? But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. And that is by adding a 3/4 motorcycle helmet to your bucket list. You can’t go wrong with these helmets since they provide excellent ventilation, convenience, and lightness. 

So, while you’re deciding which one to buy, we’ve currently put together a list of some of the best 3/4 motorbike helmets. Thus, if you want to make the most out of your budget instead of blowing it by picking the wrong things, why not read our article?

What is a 3/4 Motorcycle Helmet?

If you’re reading this, there’s a high likelihood you have no idea what a 3/4 motorcycle helmet is. We’ve got you covered, don’t worry. To begin with, 3/4 helmets are also known as open face helmets. You should have realized from the term that they don’t cover your entire face. So, what parts of your face do they pretty much cover? 

They envelop the top and rear of your head, as well as your ears, although they leave your face exposed to the outside wind. This design makes them the optimum choice for extreme heat when you don’t want to suffocate from lack of airflow. However, they miss the lower chin bar found in full-face helmets. Therefore, we recommend getting it only if you are confident in your driving habits. 

Best 3/4 Motorcycle Helmet Reviews

At the moment, 3/4 of motorcycle helmets are on the upswing, which means the industry is flooded with them, leaving us all bewildered as to which one to pick. Don’t worry if you’re feeling pressured by them as well. Shall we take a look at each of these helmets one by one? This section will provide you with a list of our main picks that balance safety, functionality, and convenience in one bundle.

1. Scorpion Exo Covert

The very first 3/4 motorcycle helmet on our collection is from Scorpion Exo, a well-known manufacturer. Scorpions have a way of turning a biker’s head. If you’re familiar with this brand, you’re definitely aware of the massive motorcycle gear they supply. The half helmet is a must-have if you’re a rider who cherishes both excitement and protection. 

The item never lets you down, whether it’s in terms of material grade or strength properties. Aside from that, its dual D-ring chin strap is perhaps the element that sticks out the most. Their chin bar guard is usually a big, EPS-lined plastic faceguard. And believe us when we mention that the brand smashes standards by merging gorgeous aesthetic features into this helmet that swiftly turns you into a badass.

It boasts a one-of-a-kind half-shell design with a removable tinted sun visor that allows some eye protection. This revolutionary 3-in-1 design provides excellent shielding. They also include a retractable neck cover, which is one of the prominent aspects of rider convenience. It also has a detachable face guard that can be withdrawn by inserting a couple of plastic tabs and drawing the guard off. 

This motorcycle helmet’s exterior shell is crafted of Polycarbonate to mitigate collision when riding. While the shell is made of simple material, it nonetheless provides sufficient shielding. The helmet’s interior is composed of expanded polystyrene. They also contain dual-density EPS, which aids in energy absorption dispersion. 

Throughout the year, its aero tuned ventilation system allows you to stay cool and dry while riding. The helmet is not only lighter, but it also has a dark and clear vision that riders like you can use during the day or at night. So, don’t be troubled when you really need to travel; simply pack your belongings and flee. It even comes with a 5-year warranty.

If you’re wondering what types of bikes you can use the helmet on, be assured that it’s great for all-terrain, street sport, and off-road riding. It also sports greater impact force dispersion, which is an added protection element. Did you know it comes with a detachable rear comfort sleeve for additional rider comfort as well?


Good ventilation, which is suitable for humid weather

Retractable visor

Magnetic front mask

Dot approved helmet 


Users complain about their outdated design

Not meant to block the noise

2. Shoei J Cruise II Helmet

The next 3/4 motorcycle helmet on our horizon is the J cruise II, which is one of Shoei’s most versatile helmets. If you’re a commuter or a high-mileage rider, this is the half helmet you definitely hunt for. It bears a different style and integrates design elements and innovation found in Shoei’s full-face helmets. This helmet’s visor is an artwork. It not only looks brilliant, but it also performs well in terms of capability. 

It also has a longer and broader face shield that offers a better field of view while still delivering great protection. This removable visor has a quick release mechanism to aid cleaning, and it is a friction-based visor, which ensures it works efficiently. Along with the regular visor, the inner sun visor provides UV protection, and if you want to operate it, just slide the slider beneath the left-hand visor pivot. 

What good is a helmet shell if it isn’t made of the right material? Shoei acknowledges this, and their comfort lining is crafted of high-quality materials. And, the finest part? They’re entirely detachable and washable; isn’t it just so cool? They also mix Polycarbonate and fiberglass for their exterior shell. The advanced integrated matrix, or AIM shell, is made of organic and glass fibers and delivers a sturdy yet dynamic feel while being compact. 

These high-quality composites, rich in organic and glass fibers, bring strength and flexibility to the product. They miss a chin vent for understandable reasons, but the top vents enable air to enter the helmet shell. It has a tiny ratchet fastener with five adjustment positions. It also has a multi-piece or multi density EPS liner that allows for a smooth airflow, which improves cooling capacity.

We must also highlight their edgier, longer face shield, which has an aerodynamic design that deflects air and cuts sound. Furthermore, this helmet comes with a 7-year warranty. People who want all of the thrills of a full-face helmet but still want the versatility and amazing ventilation that an open face motorcycle helmet allows should certainly consider this. Proper ventilation is essential for any helmet, and this one right here features superior ventilation.



Removable comfort features

Aerodynamic design 


Some users complain that it is bulky

No pin lock 

3. Bell Mag 9 Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

If you’re a Sena fanatic, you’re probably more familiar with the Bell helmets, which are designed exclusively for compatibility with Sena Bluetooth speakers and intercom. If you were scared that you wouldn’t be able to listen to music since the half helmet didn’t have a Bluetooth communication system, don’t be. The Sena headsets effortlessly slot into their built-in intercom connector. 

Convenient speaker pockets make the communication device setup not only simple but also expand the reach of this helmet. If you’re searching for a motorcycle helmet with tons of options, the Bell Mag 9 is it. The shell is made of polycarbonate/ABS and is ultralight. They also shine in flexibility, with three EPS sizes and two shells for optimal convenience. 

The helmet can be worn in a variety of ways, including with or without a shield and with or without a visor. Furthermore, if you are apprehensive that your shield will be a victim of scratch or scruff, rest assured that it is fitted with an anti-scratch UV-protected shield. They are also cushioned and have a chin bar with D-ring closure. Besides, they also feature a detachable and washable lining, which is a boon.

The helmet is also outfitted with contour cheek pads for a better fit and comfort for bikes on the road. The riders are covered by a 5-year warranty. They stand out from the rest because of their antibacterial microfiber interior and pleasant airflow provided by velocity flow vents. Two dropdown shields are also included with the helmet. 

There’s an inside one for on-the-go sun protection and an exterior one that’s also readily removed. Their lining is totally detachable, and you can pull down the inner sun visor with just one click. They also have good ventilation.


Integrated sun visor

Sena intercom compatibility

Lightweight material


Users face issues when lifting the main visor

Face shield does a poor job of dust protection

4. YM-627 Motorcycle Helmet

The YM-627, which has captured the interest of riders for its sleek aesthetic and technological features, also marks its spot on our list of the best 3/4 helmets. This is the one for you, mate if you’re a street rider or a racer. They are constructed of a high-quality aerodynamic ABS shell that helps cut the noise levels that enter the helmet. 

They come with multi density EPS as well. When it comes to the interior of the helmet is cushioned with an EPS liner that comes in a variety of densities. You won’t be worried about the material beginning to fail because the makers ensured that it is odor and germ-resistant. Similarly, as a biker, you can remove the inner lining of YM-627 to make the product more hygienic. 

So, when you feel the urge, separate it and wash it. The sun visor can be readily removed when you no longer need it, which is perhaps the nicest feature of this helmet. If you wish to go back to the ordinary inside visor, you simply remove the sun visor. In addition, the helmet’s inner visor is fog-resistant if you plan on driving in freezing winter fogs. 

It also has a chin strap with a dual D-ring buckle mechanism. Both men and women may ride comfortably in this style. In terms of ventilation, they include freely adjustable intake and exhaust vents to provide a steady and mild flow of air that keeps the riders cool and comfortable during the journey. Heat won’t be a problem with their three intake and exhaust vent openings. They also offer more room for you to wear goggles.


Scratch and UV-resistant visor

Extra space for shades of glasses

Lightweight and comfortable to wear


The size chart at times may not be accurate

Extra space can cause an issue and make you feel uncomfortable. 

5. Bell Custom 500 Helmet

You surely have heard of the iconic bell custom 500 helmet if you are a devoted bike rider with a helmet fixation. You may accessorize with a vintage-inspired bubble face shield (which, by the way, is offered separately) and go to the streets in style. This bell custom 3/4 helmet is trendy, with an integrated five snap pattern and EPS liner sizes that assure a low-profile appeal. 

The manufacturers created their low-profile fiberglass composite shell with the goal of keeping the helmet as small as possible. The bell custom 500 contains a classic-style Double-D ring fastener for your safety, which performs a good job of keeping your lid secured to your head. For aftermarket shields and visors, they have an integrated 5-snap pattern. A multi density EPS liner supports the helmet. 

They come in five different shell sizes, allowing Bell to customize the quantity of EPS padding for each shell. These shell sizes ensure that the proper amount of liner is in place to provide decent protection. Furthermore, if you want to shield yourself from the dirt and rain, there are poppers on the front of this bell custom helmet where you may attach a visor. Riders can also use the helmet’s rear goggle strap. It is also a dot approved helmet.

In terms of weight, they’re so light that they’ll almost make you feel weightless in your brain. We tell you that the helmet feet will fit tightly, and there will be no space for discomfort at any time. Bell custom comes with a 5-year warranty.


The vintage appearance of bell custom 500 adds to the beauty

Padded chin strap



Users complain about the leather quality of the strap

Wind and dust can easily pass through and cause irritation 

Buyer’s Guide

If you fancy going on road trips on your motorcycle, a helmet is one that will keep you safe from any screw-ups. If you’re thinking of getting one for the same reason or replacing your current one with the latest 3/4 motorbike helmets, don’t worry. Let’s take a look at this buying guide we’ve put up, especially for you.


If you didn’t know, 3/4 helmets are famed for their comfort. As a result, we hope you’ll include this in your checklist. Make sure the helmet fits perfectly in your head shape when you first put it on and continues to do so after several hours of use. You must verify that they are of high quality since they are responsible for your head’s comfort. The cushioning and liners in the helmet should be light and squishy to provide you with a positive experience. 

It doesn’t matter if a product has all of the amazing features; if it doesn’t compliment your comfort bubble, it’s worthless. You must guarantee that the helmet’s inner liners and paddings are detachable. This method allows you to cleanse your helmet more routinely because the EPS liners are easier to remove than the full helmet.


When you decide to get a helmet, the material used in its building is significant, as we all know. Even carbon substance performs admirably. It assures the long-term sustainability of your products. As a result, we propose that you choose goods made of Polycarbonate or fiberglass. These materials serve effectively if you have decided to get a 3/4 motorcycle helmet.


When purchasing a 3/4 motorcycle helmet, price is an extremely important element. We all know that a product’s price may easily help or hinder a transaction. Furthermore, you must determine whether the product you are purchasing is reasonable. 

Or, if you could just get the same product at a cheaper rate, wouldn’t it be great? A number of factors influence your budget. These are some of the things you should ask yourself, such as how frequently you will wear your helmet and what sort of rider you are.

Protection and safety

When riding a motorcycle, safety and protection are also major considerations. On the road, there are many diversions, and your safety is at your disposal. So, if you’re thinking about purchasing a helmet, the level of protection it provides should be your top priority. 

For example, we’re discussing a 3/4 helmet for a motorbike. You must guarantee that it, at the very least, shields your head from external factors. Furthermore, you must examine how effectively they can take the shock in the event that someone is involved in a crash.


Proper ventilation is another critical factor to take into consideration while purchasing a 3/4 helmet for a motorbike. If you happen to buy anything with poor ventilation, tell us how far you could go in the sweltering heat. If you’re a biker, you’ll need to wear a helmet for a significant portion of the day, or who knows what type of traffic you’ll encounter outdoors. As a result, it’s critical to have plenty of vents and vents in certain situations so that the hot weather doesn’t build up within your head.

Warranty period 

When it comes to purchasing a 3/4 helmet, the warranty period is just as valuable as many other factors. It assures you of the product’s quality and is essential proof of our complete trust in the product’s maker. Furthermore, if the helmet shows to be broken, we can have it exchanged during the warranty term, which is a great bonus. 

People are more likely to buy products that have a warranty period label on them rather than those that do not. So, before you rush out to get your ideal 3/4 helmet, keep this aspect in mind. 


Q. Are 3/4 helmets safe?

To be honest, it all varies depending on your understanding of the term safe. It is, of course, a reasonable option if you simply want to cover a portion of your head and are unconcerned about the rest of your body, such as your face. When compared to a full-face helmet, they are more on the risky side. 

However, if you’re wearing one of these helmets, your chin region is far too exposed to injury in the event of an accident. Yet, wearing an open face motorcycle helmet is seen to be a safer option than not wearing one at all.

Q. Open Face vs. Full Face Helmet?

There is a big discussion on the internet over whether to wear an open-face or a full-face helmet. Each of these helmets has its own set of pluses and minuses. An Open face motorcycle helmet is ideal for making your ride more enjoyable, breezy, and less stifling. You may experience claustrophobia when wearing a full-face helmet. 

It also makes it difficult to hear significant traffic sounds or communicate with your co-riders at times. Compared to full-face helmets, an open face motorcycle helmet is substantially lighter and less tiring. On the other hand, full-face helmets provide better protection from noise, the sun, and the cold. We feel that full-face helmets are a good idea in terms of safety.  


We’ve come to the end of our day’s article with this. We spoke about our top 5 recommendations for 3/4 motorcycle helmets that are sleek, functional, and snug. In addition, when it comes to performance, they are on par with the majority of their rivals. 

All of the possibilities we listed are spectacular in terms of aesthetics and quality, but you must choose the one that best suits your requirements. We hope you found our article to be educational and that you were able to make a choice today as a result of it. Have a happy and safe ride, people.

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