10 Best Cafe Racer Helmets

A cafe racer bike has its own style and oomph factor to it, so should the helmet you wear while riding it. While a regular bike helmet is a totally viable option, how about going for a robust cafe racer helmet?

Cafe racer helmets gear towards the retro style helmet but with a modern twist and safety features. To help you find the best of the best in the market, we have curated a list of the top 10 cafe racer motorcycle helmets.

After performing extensive research, talking to previous customers, automobile bloggers/YouTubers and personally trying out a few cafe racer motorcycle helmets ourselves, we have put together this list. Read on to know them.

Top 10 Cafe Racer Helmets

Now that you have had a quick overview of the best cafe racer helmets we have in store for you, let’s talk about them in greater detail. Read on.

#1. Bell Bullitt Helmet

Bell Bullitt Helmet

Taking after the original Bell star is the Bell Bullitt helmet with retro design and modern features. One of the best cafe racer helmets on the market, it is a lightweight product made with three low-profile carbon composite shells and EPS inner shell sizes. It comes installed with clear shields. It is Department of Transportation (DOT) certified and meets all its safety requirements.

The helmet interiors consist of contoured cheek pads with integrated speaker pockets. This prevents the speakers from pushing against your face. The leather padding is removable, so you can wash it whenever it gets dirty. The Bell Bullitt has a superior ventilation system with 5 metal mesh intake vents and an exhaust vent at the back for the inflow and outflow of air, respectively.

The helmet is available in a variety of sizes, ranging from X-small to X-large. You can choose from six colors- bolt gloss black, flow gloss gray, flow gloss light blue/dark blue, gloss black, gloss white, and reverb gloss black/silver flake. The helmet comes with a five-year warranty, which speaks a lot about its reliability.


  • Lightweight
  • Removable and washable interiors
  • Well-ventilated
  • Five-year warranty
  • Durable


  • Lets in wind noise

 #2 Scorpion Exo Covert Helmet

ScorpioExo Convert Helmet

The Scorpion Exo Covert helmet is known for its strength and reliability. It is one of the best cafe racer helmets with a radical design and a durable polycarbonate shell that will minimize impact during an accident. It also has a dual-density EPS inner shell. The retractable tinted sun visor keeps the light away. It comes with the dark smoke face shield installed and an additional clear visor for nighttime riding.

The front mask and rear sleeve are removable. You can either use it as a full-face helmet and also as a 3/4th open-face with a removable chin bar. It features an aero-tuned ventilation system that helps maintain an optimal temperature inside the helmet. The double D-ring chin strap ensures the helmet is safely secured to your head. This prevents it from flying off in case of accidents. It is a DOT-approved helmet.

It is perfect for all terrains and can be used in touring, off-road motorcycles, and snowmobiles. The helmet is available in all sizes ranging from X-small to XXX-large. The three colors to choose from are gloss white, matte black, and titanium.


  • Retractable tinted sun visor
  • Can be used both as a full face and open face helmet
  • DOT approved
  • Aero-tuned ventilation system
  • Durable


  • A bit heavy

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#3 Torc T1 Unisex Adult Retro Helmet

Torc T1 Unisex Adult Retro

Torc T1 has a plastic build with a fiberglass tri-composite shell. It resembles Bell Bullitt very much in design and is quite lightweight. It meets all the DOT and ECE safety requirements. The metal mesh intake and exhaust vents on the exteriors make your rides cooler and more comfortable.

It has a faux suede liner and a padded chin strap for maximum comfort while rigid. The D-ring closure secures the helmet in place even during accidents. As the face shield is removable, you can change it at your convenience. For instance, a dark/tinted shield during the day, a clear shield at night. Also, it is anti-fog, so you have a wide and clear view even on freezing winter mornings.

It is a durable product with an anti-scratch surface, so the show never fades. The sizes range from X-small to XX-large. Please note that the helmet runs large, so select the size accordingly. You get to choose from a 15+ variety of colors in Torc T1.


  • Lightweight
  • DOT and ECE certified
  • Removable face shield
  • Anti-fog
  • Durable


  • Lets in wind noise

#4 Biltwell Lane Splitter Helmet

Biltwell Lane Splitter

The Biltwell Lane Splitter is a top choice for riders who demand comfort and high performance in their helmet. It has a durable ABS shell and a robust design that can easily withstand impact. It is ECE and DOT approved, therefore, you can use it without any worry.

The helmet features a hand-sewn lycra liner which is removable in case you need to wash it. This allows you to keep the interiors clean and fresh at all times. The interiors are moisture-wicking, so you don’t drown in sweat during summers. It has recessed speaker pockets, and you can install a communication unit on the helmet to stay connected with your travel while riding.

It doesn’t have any intake vents, so you will have to put the face shield up for air. However, there is a venturi vent at the back for easy air outflow. Ranging from X-small to XX-large, the Biltwell helmet is available in a variety of sizes. You can choose from eight colors- bronze metallic, flat black, flat titanium, gloss black, gloss blood red, matte coyote tan, rusty butcher, and white.


  • Comfortable
  • Moisture-wicking interiors
  • DOT and ECE certified
  • Durable


  • No intake vents
  • Cheek padding is not so good

#5 Simpson Ghost Bandit Helmet

The Simpson Ghost Bandit helmet is a stylish cafe helmet with a classic tough-guy look. It has a lightweight composite shell that doesn’t put too much pressure on your head. It has a speaker and microphone pockets to install a communication device. It helps you stay connected with your travel mates or listen to your favorite music.

The internal sun visor protects you from blinding sunlight and provides a clear view of the road. The face shield can be removed when you want without the use of any tools. The dual adjustable chin vents ensure an easy inflow of air while riding. It also has top and rear vents to maintain an optimal temperature inside the helmet.

It is available in a variety of sizes X-small to XX-large. However, please note that the Simpson Ghost helmet runs small in size. Therefore, choose the size accordingly. The colors include black, matte black, white, and flat alloy.


  • Lightweight
  • Has speaker pockets
  • Removable shield
  • Adjustable chin vents


  • Runs small, size chart can be confusing

#6 Biltwell Gringo S ECE Helmet

The Biltwell Gringo S helmet is a sturdy and modern helmet that has successfully preserved its retro style. It has an injection-molded ABS shell with a hand-painted finish. The EPS inner shell liner is shock-absorbing, which means it softens the blow during an impact. It features a hand-stitched interior padding, cheek pads, and an internal BioFoam chin pad for comfortable riding.

The Gringo S features a hinged eye-port and face shield that is easily removable for cleaning and replacement. The snap and tab configuration on the left side of the helmet is ideal for speedy opening and can also be closed up to prevent dust/road debris from entering. The speaker pockets allow you to hook on to a communication system on the go. Connect with your travel mates or ride with your playlist on.

To ensure safety, it has a steel D-ring neck strap with an adjustment strap end retainer. This offers a comfortable fit on your head. The helmet is DOT and ECE approved. The sizes available range from X-small to XX-large. You get to choose from 10+ colors.


  • Comfortable interiors
  • Robust design
  • Adjustable neck strap
  • DOT and ECE approved
  • Durable and shock-absorbing liner


  • Liner is not removable

#7 Bell Broozer Helmet

Bell Broozer is a rugged-looking versatile helmet. It is a two-in-one helmet that can be used both as a full-face and open-face helmet. It is a lightweight helmet made with a polycarbonate/ABS shell. It has an integrated visor that drops down the rubber seal on the chin to keep wind and water out. It also has forehead and chin vents for optimal airflow.

The helmet comes installed with a clear visor, and a smoke one is included in the box. A smoke visor protects sunlight from causing eye strain. You can use the clear one at night or during winters. In case you are wondering, the visor is anti-fog, so you will have a clear view on a cold winter morning. Also, it is anti-scratch, which makes it durable.

Like all other helmet options in our list, the Bell Broozer is also DOT approved and meets all their safety requirements. It is available in a variety of sizes, ranging from X-small to XX-large. There are five colors to choose from, all of them with a shade of black.


  • Open-face and full-face homologation
  • Effective ventilation system
  • DOT approved
  • Anti-fog visor
  • Durable


  • Lets in wind noise

#8 Bell Custom 500 Helmet

Bell Custom 500 helmet is a tribute to the original Bell 500 designed by the founder Roy Richter with a modern twist. It has a low-profile carbon composite shell with 5 shells and EPS inner shell liner sizes. It’s a robust product that will last you many years before you have to replace it. The interiors are made of genuine leather with a multi-density EPS liner and are anti-bacterial in nature. This ensures that the inside of the helmet is fresh and clean at all times.

It has a padded chin strap with D-ring closure to secure the helmet on your head. The best part is that this helmet comes with a 5-year warranty, so you can rest assured of its quality. It is DOT, and ECE certified, making it a safe choice for you. However, as the helmet is open-face, you need to be a bit careful as almost half of your face will remain exposed wearing it.

The Bell custom 500 features an integrated 5 snap pattern for aftermarket shields and visors. You can install either a bubble or flat shield on the helmet for a better view of the road ahead. The sizes range from X-small to XX-large, with the chart available on the buying page. The helmet is available in about 10 colors with gloss and a matte finish. Other than being a cafe racer helmet, it can also be used for ATVs, street-sport motorcycles, off-road bikes, scooters, and UTVs.


  • DOT and ECE certified
  • 5-year warranty
  • Has anti-bacterial interiors
  • Removable face shield
  • Durable


  • Helmet cushioning is not so soft

#9 Bell Eliminator Helmet

Inspired by vintage auto racing is the Bell Eliminator helmet, an ideal companion for your cafe racer. It is built with a fiberglass composite shell which has three sizes. The helmet fits your head right and is also compatible with your eyeglasses. It has an intermediate oval shape and offers a comfortable riding experience. As for safety, the helmet is DOT and ECE-approved.

It comes with a ProVision dual-paned face shield which is also anti-fog. It has speaker pockets for easy communication with your travel buddies and the rest of the world. The liner is anti-bacterial to keep the helmet interiors clean all the time. The contoured cheek pads ensure comfort while riding so that the helmet doesn’t push against your face.

The Bell Eliminator helmet comes with a clear shield installed. You will have to buy the dark smoke shield separately, and so is an optional peak visor. It is available in three colors- black, matte black, and white. You can choose from a variety of sizes, ranging from X-small to XXX-large.


  • Comfortable fit
  • DOT and ECE-approved
  • Anti-bacterial interiors
  • Anti-fog shield
  • Has speaker pockets


  • Can’t close the top vents

#10 AGV X3000

The AGV X3000 is a classic retro motorcycle helmet that is a homage to the first-ever full-face AGV helmet made in collaboration with Giacamo Agostini in 1969. It is made of ACF (advanced composite fiber) fiberglass outer shell. It has three shell sizes. The helmet is ECE and DOT approved.

It has a removable front vent that allows the air to maintain an optimal temperature inside while riding. AGV allows you to replace the pre-installed clear shield with a dark, smoke, or bubble shield. However, the replacement process is going to be a bit of a hassle. The interiors are built with genuine leather and suede fabric. They are easily removable and washable. The mesh on the comfort liner for easy airflow.

The helmet is slightly on the expensive side, which is totally worth it when you look at its features. It is available in three sizes- matte black, black, and white. The sizes vary from X-small to XX-large.


  • DOT and ECE-certified
  • Replaceable shield
  • Removable interiors
  • Comfortable
  • Durable


  • The ventilation system is not so good

Buyer’s Guide

Here’s a mini buyer’s guide on cafe racer helmets with all the things to consider before you make the purchase. Take a look:

Helmet shell

When it comes to motorcycle helmets, a good shell is directly proportional to rider safety. The best shells for cafe racer helmets are polycarbonate shells, ABS shells, fiberglass composite shells, and carbon fiber shells. They can easily withstand impact and don’t crack under pressure, keeping your head safe during an accident. Most helmets are lined with EPS inner shell, a sturdy foam wrapped around the helmet which also absorbs shock.


The motorcycle helmet should fit your head right and spread its weight evenly across your head and shoulders. Go for lightweight cafe racer helmets that won’t put any extra pressure on your head. They shouldn’t put a strain on your necks while riding.

Also, it should neither be too loose nor too tight.


The helmet should have a good quality sun visor that will block the sunlight so you can have a clear view ahead. This ensures that the sun doesn’t put any strain on your eyes. Most helmets come with a clear face shield installed. However, to keep the sun away, go for a helmet with a dark/smoke visor or at least the one that has a removable shield that can be easily replaced.

Also, a cafe racer helmet should have intake and exhaust vents to ensure proper inflow and outflow of air. A proper ventilation system makes your rider cooler and more comfortable. Check the customer reviews of the products to look for helmets with proper vents, sun visors, and sleek shapes.


Safety is paramount in all helmets. Make sure the helmet you choose is Department of Transportation (DOT) FMVSS 218 certified. It is a safety standard that all motorcycle helmets should comply with. Then, there is the European Economic Community (ECE), a certification accepted in 42 European countries. These helmets undergo extensive impact tests to get approved by DOT and ECE.


A cafe racer helmet or any helmet, for that matter, is nothing if not comfortable. This comfort comes from its inner padding that should be contoured to fit your head and face. It is also helpful in softening the blow during accidents. The lining should be removable and washable to keep it clean and fresh at all times.

Most helmets today come with anti-bacterial and anti-microbial padding in the helmets, which is a huge plus.

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Cafe racer helmets are available in a variety of price ranges. With proper market research about a certain product, you can find out if it is worth the price you are paying for it. Please note that best and expensive do not always go together. You can also look for cheaper products with great quality and sometimes last longer than the expensive ones. Set a budget beforehand to avoid overspending.


Many manufacturers offer a considerable warranty period on their products, even for low-price helmets. It speaks a lot about the reliability of the product. For instance, the Bell Custom 500 helmet is not only an affordable cafe racer helmet, but it also comes with a five-year warranty period.


To sum it up, here we are, recommending to you the helmets we liked the best. Our top pick has to be Bell Broozer Helmet. It is a combination of an open face and a full-face helmet with a chin bar that is removable. You can use them interchangeably depending on the weather and your convenience. It is a sturdy helmet with all the safety requirements.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly cafe racer helmet, go for Bell Custom 500 Helmet, paying homage to the original 500. It is a retro blend modern helmet design that comes with a five-year warranty. It’s a quality helmet, on the top list of many bike enthusiasts.

One of the other popular brands you can look into for cafe racer helmets is Ruby Castel.

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