5 Best Honda Grom Exhausts

If you ask someone what truly makes a motorbike, the Exhaust system always seems to be the reply.

The exhaust in your bike controls the outflow of the gas and also helps blow away any carbon monoxide produced by it. Whereas the muffler gives it that deep sound.

The exhaust system surely helps your bike to achieve optimal performance but it all comes down to choosing the best ones that suit your Honda Grom.

We sympathize with you, which is why we’ve put together an exhaustive collection of the best Grom Exhaust systems present in the market.

Top 5 Honda Grom Exhausts

The Honda Grom has an inherent character to it. Honda has discovered a massive niche audience with the Grom, which has become a smashing success. Ever since the Grom episode has blossomed, you can find it everywhere. Additionally, with an aftermarket exhaust, the Grom sounds excellent. If you’re keen on making your Grom exceptional, we’ve written this checklist for you. The only hitch is that there’s a lot more to dig out than you anticipated. There is a myriad of sheer viable alternatives. Performance, speed, versatility, and easy installation are important considerations when choosing one.

#1. Akrapovic Racing Exhaust System

Akrapovic is revolutionizing the way you think about aftermarket exhaust systems. It is an enterprise that adheres to a strict no-compromise stance. Unless you are a motorbike enthusiast, you are unlikely to be acquainted with their goods.

It has recently begun to apply its high-performance strategy to the car industry. As a result, the company has designed an all-titanium exhaust that goes above and beyond to be the cream of the crop. Akropovic employs titanium, which is more expensive to make but ensures that every bend, weld, and exhaust component can withstand decades of torment while still resisting overheating and remaining fundamentally sturdy.

It’s an implicit admission that this aftermarket exhaust system is a piece of genius. The level of accuracy that has gone into creating this exhaust is staggering. Their welds are immaculate, and the muffler is perfect.

The company has built its racing performance exhaust systems for riders that demand the most out of their bike. The systems are lighter than the stock exhaust system and offer superior manufacturing quality. Besides, it also delivers better engine performance and pure racing sound output. They play the exact right notes at the right moment. They produce a deep sound. This exhaust has a racing feel thanks to a blend of racing components such as carbon fiber for the muffler outer sleeve and end cap.

It’s one of the best aftermarket exhaust systems on the market, and it complies with AMA noise pollution regulations. They are environmentally responsible. They only use the highest quality materials. All of the essential components of their titanium exhaust are made of heat-resistant titanium alloys. They also use incredibly light carbon fiber. Aside from being pre-impregnated and lightweight, their material has high strength and stiffness and excellent thermal stability.


  • It sounds terrific.
  • The installation process is simple.
  • There is no need to purchase additional equipment because all of the necessary items are easily available.


  • It might need remapping for performance improvement.
  • Titanium used in the exhaust will not allow you to significantly reduce the weight of the machine.

#2. Yoshimura 960-2263 Exhaust

Yoshimura has spent a lot of time collaborating with factory racing teams to develop race-ready parts that the weekend adventurers can also use. So, regardless of which side you choose, Yoshimura will be at your disposal. Apart from that, if you’re searching for a leg up, this race series is the place to be.  Their aftermarket exhaust systems are built with only one goal in mind: to maximize efficiency. Most racing sanctioning organizations around the world impose noise compliance regulations, which led to its development. The brand uses a carbon fiber canister with a stainless steel lid in the Yoshimura system for the Honda Grom. The exhaust is exceptionally lightweight due to the material employed. Furthermore, the creators have made it incredibly eco-friendly.

The model has a contemporary satin finish, which provides it a distinct appearance when compared to other systems. The exhaust loops that run just below the engine are another unique element of this arrangement. It seeks to lessen any space left by the standard system. It features a beautiful muffler volume and shape that gives Yoshimura’s signature tone.


  • Extremely light and strong.
  • Instantly recognized appearance.
  • Deep and robust exhaust note on acceleration Nice back pressure hum when off throttle.


  • The carbon substance used can turn a horrible shade of brown with time.
  • The material can also become brittle in the long term.

#3. Kemimoto Grom MSX125

Rapid, convenient, and economical. These are all the highlights of the Kemimoto Low Mount Exhaust. The aftermarket exhaust has an identical appearance and sound to its more premium competition. The Kemimoto Exhaust System isn’t going to let you wrong. It works with the MSX125 from 2013 to 2021.

The maker provides every gear you might likely require, rendering this bundle well worth your buck. A single exhaust, exhaust pipes, clamps, brackets, and springs are available in the kit. Besides, the exhaust installation is easy and basic. It is a massive relief for many bikers. It struck us with how easy it was to set up. All you have to do now is slip it on and secure it in the bracket. For this, you don’t even need to follow the manual. The system is made up of a combination of carbon and stainless steel, ensuring long-term efficiency.

For a low-mount slip-on system, this aftermarket exhaust is incredibly light. The muffler has a pleasant rider tune and includes extras like brackets and other varieties. Finally, despite its low price, the sound system is exceptional, according to all customer ratings. It has a lovely ring to it when used with a baffle because it is low and rumbly. When we remove the baffles, the engine produces a harsher roaring and cruising sound that mandates the use of earbuds.


  • Cost-effective and readily accessible.
  • Usage of Carbon fiber and stainless steel to create a powerful framework.
  • Installation is simple and requires little expertise.
  • Delivers a pleasant sound and increases the sound output of your bike.


  • Because the springs are a little tight, you may require some equipment to deal with them.
  • If the bike is tipped on its side, some riders experience weaker exhaust welds.

#4. ISTUNT Motorcycle Complete Exhaust

It is the aftermarket exhaust for Honda Grom if you’re hunting for something spectacular. ISTUNT has easily fitted itself in the finest Honda Grom exhaust system for the budget. It consists of a complete kit with a baffle DB killer. Also, the motorbike exhaust is compatible with Honda models from 2013 to 2020. The brand used stainless steel as its material.

The Honda Grom exhaust system is simple to install. Therefore, it does not require any guides. The stainless steel exhaust has several traits that make it an excellent exhaust for Honda Grom. The complete exhaust for Honda Grom is made of stainless steel with a muffler diameter of 310 mm to relish the loudest sound of your Honda.

The stainless steel helps avoid corrosion and shields the exhaust from degradation in extreme circumstances. The kit includes a mounting clamp and an adapter to provide a safe and reliable setup for your bike. The exhaust has a removable baffle in the tip to guarantee a loud sound. It enables you to adjust the exhaust’s volume for a more energetic ride. It appears to be heavy at first impression due to stainless steel, yet it is light.


  • It comes with a detachable baffle so you can savor the loudest sound possible.
  • Fits Honda models from 2013 through 2020.
  • Stainless steel construction resists rusting and damage in a variety of situations.
  • Installation is simple.


  • Older models are not compatible.
  • The exhaust is made of stainless steel which makes it heavy as compared to a titanium exhaust.

#5. Vance and Hines Hi-Output Hooligan Exhaust System

With the entire Vance and Hines Hi-output hooligan exhaust system, bring your Honda Grom a classic flavor. Their Honda exhaust has one of the most elegant appearances ever seen in the exhaust business wrapped up in stainless steel. Aside from that, their eco-friendliness is only a perk to their magnificence. It gives your Grom some flair and variety. This high-output provides a deep-race-inspired exhaust note and is meant to focus solely on attaining optimum performance. The stainless steel does wonder for this exhaust. With a 304 stainless steel framework and CNC end caps, Vance and Hines’ superior efficiency gives thunder rumble a dramatic appeal. To boost the thrill for motorcyclists, the hooligan Hi-output adds a thundering exhaust sound to the MSX125’s sound.

Although those beasts can roar, their head pipes stepped to a muffler feature-complete insurance warming shields, there is a supply of quiet baffles for a creamier sound. For flawless and seamless lines, the short, the brand accents the instant pipes with a Vance and Hines badge and minimal end treatments. Furthermore, a larger core and larger muffler sealing capacity can result in a quieter operation.


  • Stepped, piled, spaced, and extremely long-lasting.
  • Laser-etched riveted badges CNC end caps.
  • The design and construction of their exhaust use the best stainless steel material quality.


  • Users sometimes complain about leakage issues caused by weak joints.
  • The customer service isn’t up to the standard.

Honda Grom Exhaust Buyer’s Guide

Our bike necessitates a specific exhaust system that will ensure a secure combustion process while emitting a loud and appealing noise. There are a few things you should know about Honda Grom exhaust systems before you take the plunge. Take note of the types and be prepared to choose the ideal system for your bike.

Type of brand

Getting a robust exhaust system from a high-end manufacturer like Yoshimura or the ones listed above could provide a long-lasting and sturdy exhaust system over minor, less well-known brands.

Specifications & Features

For an exhaust system to be effective and acceptable to environmental regulators, it must include certain aspects. The best bike exhausts should include vital components like a catalytic converter. This catalytic converter limits the extent of harmful fuel ejected and keeps the air clean. Their new exhaust system has a quality baffle, which ensures that there is no constant noise. Finally, make sure these components are present on the exhaust so that it complies with US EPA environmental laws and regulations.

Types of Motorbike Exhaust

Slip-on exhaust and full system exhaust are the two types of motorcycle exhaust systems present.

Slip-On Exhaust

Designers create the slip-on exhaust system in a way that is simple to set up and then use. You can maintain the consistent functionality of your Honda Grom with this exhaust. All you have to do now is install the exhaust on your motorcycle’s original system. You only need to replace the muffler and head pipes on your motorcycle to accomplish this. Riders prefer the slip-on exhaust system since it reduces the cost of substantial modification, as opposed to the second type of exhaust.

Full System Exhaust

The full exhaust system requires a thorough overhaul of your bike’s existing exhaust system. The entire system exhaust assembly process is complicated and time-consuming.


A Honda Grom motorcycle is a warrior for Honda Grom riders who require day-to-day efficiency. A Honda Grom exhaust system intends to improve that ability. Thus it should be durable enough to withstand frequent use. The material and design of your new exhaust system have a critical impact on its long-term durability. Stainless steel exhaust is corrosion-resistant, although aluminum exhaust performs better in moist climates.


Budgeting is a necessary approach for riders who want to indulge their lifelong love without burning a hole in their pocket. Putting a predetermined limit on your expenditure on various things can lead to significant savings. You might try prioritizing the things you value and looking for a product that meets all of the points on your wishlist. This way, you will be able to make a wise investment without wasting on unnecessary features.

Compatible with Honda models

Honda Grom exhausts are created to fit a variety of Honda models. It is necessary, especially if you ride a variety of Honda models. Always check the model of the exhaust to determine if it fits your bike when purchasing the proper motorbike exhaust. Choose an exhaust that is compatible with your Honda Grom’s model to guarantee a secure ride and a high-performance noise.


The dirt and residues in the motorbike exhaust accumulate over time, clogging the Honda Grom engine and causing a power outage. Choose an easy-to-maintain exhaust to facilitate a seamless ride for your Honda. It will prevent the future deterioration of the motorcycle.


Q. What exactly is the point of the exhaust system?

The combustion gases are diverted away from the motorcyclist and passenger. Of course, neither you nor your passenger really would like to inhale a carbon monoxide stew or have your shoes burned by a scorching pipe. It will be relocated towards a more practical location with the help of exhaust pipes. Moreover, believe it or not, they aid the engine’s functioning. In subjects like thermodynamics and laminar flow, there is an incredible body of research only on exhaust, but please know that the appropriate exhaust can help you drive quickly.

Q. How difficult is it to put a motorcycle exhaust system together?

Frankly, that is subjective. What kind of bike do you have? What type of system are you putting in? This question has a broad set of viewpoints. Some of us have installed bolt-on exhausts on a motorcycle and gone for a ride in under 30 minutes. But some motorcyclists, on the other hand, spend a significant amount of time simply removing the body panels required to access the exhaust. Take into account your mechanical competence and expertise in the exhaust system. Also, consider any connected systems that require disassembly to examine the exhaust.

Q. Do the Honda Grom’s louder exhausts use more fuel?

The engine produces the noise by combustion to generate power, so the louder exhaust sound has nothing to do with fuel. The muffler is the one that minimizes the noise. The loud exhausts just reduce the loudness and do not require any additional fuel.

Q. On a full tank, how far can a Grom go?

With a full tank, a Grom can easily travel 100 kilometers. It wouldn’t inherently matter how quickly you could go. The Grom can travel for 100 miles without hitting any barriers.


With that, we’ve come to the end of this little article. We hope that by reading this brief piece, you will be able to brush up on your fundamentals and learn more about what distinguishes each of these Honda Grom Exhaust systems.

These exhausts are made up of stainless steel, titanium, or others. Installing an exhaust system eliminates hazardous waste from your bike while improving the deep growling sound, boosting efficiency. These Honda Grom exhaust tips can help you get the most out of your buck. The trick for you is to make a rational decision by meticulously researching these options and picking the perfect one for yourself.

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