Best Motorcycle Alarm 2021

Imagine going for a grocery run on your motorcycle, and while you’re busy planning your week’s meals, someone tries to steal your bike from an unsupervised parking lot. According to an NICB Report, nearly 41,000 motorcycles were stolen in the United States in 2019, with California recording the highest 6913 cases. Motorcycles, like cars, do not have windows, doors, or in-built security alarms to protect your belongings, making them vulnerable to theft.

This is where a motorcycle alarm system can be your savior. It is a device with a loud siren that alerts you when a thief is meddling with your bike, thereby protecting it. We’ve curated a list of the top five motorcycle alarms to keep your bike safe while you’re away. Read on to know about them.

Top 5 Best Motorcycle Alarm Systems Reviewed

A motorcycle alarm is the best way to safeguard your motorcycle from theft and even vandalism at times. As you know from the comparison table, we have compiled a list of the top five bike alarms. Let us now go over them in detail.

1. Wsdcam 113dB Motorcycle Alarm

The Wsdcam is a remote-controlled vibration alarm. The remote has a range up to 66 ft(20 meters). It has seven sensitivity functions ranging from touch to push or beat, as well as three volume levels. It will release a 113db siren when someone tries to open the lock or meddle with the motorcycle. There are 3 beeps to lock the motorbike and 2 to disarm the alarm. But you’ll have to press the ringtone button after the arm/disarm button for this feature to work.

It also has a vehicle search feature and three different ringtones. This comes in handy when you can’t figure where you parked. Press the ring tone key, and the alarm will start beeping, leading you to the parking spot. It also features an SOS function which automatically calls for help when the motorcycle tilts more than 45 degrees. So, in case you meet with an unfortunate accident, it will issue an alert.

The alarm is easy to install. You can stick it on the motorcycle with the help of double-sided tape and use the cable ties to secure it. It comes with a user manual with all the detailed instructions on installation and usage. The alarm and remote are battery-powered, and you’ll have to replace the battery after a certain period of time. This might require you to remove the alarm and reinstall it.

The system is waterproof, and you don’t have to worry about rain if your bike is parked out in the open. Other than motorcycles, this alarm is perfect for electric and regular bikes.


  • Siren of 113 decibels
  • Has an SOS function
  • Easy to install
  • Vehicle search feature
  • Wireless alarm


The user will have to remove the alarm to change the battery

2. Scorpio SRX-950

Scorpio SRX-950 is a compact design with a 120 decibels multi-tone siren. It is loud enough to alert you and startle the thief to run away. The alarm can be armed and disarmed both automatically and manually. It features an RFID hands-free technology that connects the alarm to the remote. The alarm gets activated automatically when the remote holder walks away and deactivates when they are in the range of the vehicle.

It has an internal backup battery that allows the alarm to function even if the wires are severed or circumvented. The remote has an audible vibrating alert and a rechargeable FM transceiver with a range of up to 1/2 mile. The package also includes a charging cord for the remote receiver.

The perimeter sensor of the alarm is adjustable. It detects if anyone gets too close to the bike or the saddlebags. The remote also has a finder/panic feature. If you forget where you parked the motorbike, this feature can be used to find it.

The dual-axis accelerometer detects impact and inclination in the vehicle, which usually happens when the vehicle falls. Because of its simplified 3-wire universal installation, the alarm is simple to set up. It can be done without any extra assistance.


  • Siren of 120 decibels
  • Built-in backup battery
  • Automatic arming/disarming
  • Finder/panic feature
  • Easy to install


  • Not waterproof

3. BlueFire Motorcycle Security Kit Alarm System

The BlueFire motorcycle alarm is compatible with any motorcycle that has a 12/24 volt battery, including Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, Harley Davidson, and Kawasaki among others. It includes two remote controllers for arming/disarming the alarm from a distance and also to start the engine. The controllers also come with a key chain to keep them safe. The powerful 125 decibels siren will alert you or the passersby if someone tries to tamper with the bike.

In addition to the siren, the alarm gives out flashing light warnings. It has a shock sensor that can be easily adjusted to detect even the smallest impact on your motorcycle. However, you can tune it and not get activated by wind or rain and make it uncomfortable for passersby. The locator feature allows you to find the vehicle in the parking lot.

The anti-hijacking feature is this product’s best feature. It cuts off the bike’s power supply and prevents it from starting, stopping the thief from stealing it. The alarm is more suitable for motorcycles with AC engines. It also has a 9-volt extra battery backup.

Although the alarm is simple to install, the manufacturer recommends that users hire a professional to do so if they are unfamiliar with the installation process. To avoid future problems, it is preferable to have it done at a bike repair shop.


  • Siren of 125 decibels
  • Has a shock sensor
  • Works with any 12/24 volt bike
  • Electronic alarm
  • Anti-hijacking feature


  • Installation instructions are confusing

Gorilla Automotive 9000

The Gorilla Automotive 9000 is an ultra-compact alarm with a siren as loud as 120 decibels. To keep your bike safe from thieves, it has three sensors: a new internal tilt sensor, a current sensor, and an adjustable 2-stage shock sensor. When the bike is moved from its stand, the tilt sensor activates the alarm while the current sensor detects changes in battery voltage. The 2 stage shocker triggers the alarm when it detects an impact. It has seven levels of sensitivity that are easily adjustable.

It produces a warning chirp when the impact is light and a full siren on heavy impact. The alarm has an LED warning light that indicates that it is activated and acts as a visual deterrent for thieves. It comes with a 3-button remote transmitter to easily control the alarm.

It is quite durable and will protect your motorcycle for a long time. However, the battery runs out even when it is just connected to the bike. You might have to remove the batteries and put them back when you need to use the alarm. This process can be a bit tedious.

The alarm is quite easy to install. With its 2-wired direct-to-battery installation, it can be set up in under 30 minutes with no extra assistance. The package includes cable ties and hooks and loop tape for the user to carefully secure the alarm on their bike. Gorilla Automotive offers a two-year warranty on the product against the manufacturer’s defects and workmanship.


  • 120 decibels of siren
  • Has three sensors
  • Features a LED warning light
  • Easy to install
  • Compact


  • Fast battery drainage

5. Yohoola Motorcycle Alarm

The Yohoola alarm is actually an anti-theft lock that is compatible with motorcycles, bicycles, scooters, or any vehicle that has wheels and spokes. It is made up of heavy-duty metal, thereby is quite sturdy and durable. The siren can reach up to 110 decibels which are loud enough for the passersby to hear and also startle the thief, even if you are not in the vicinity. If someone touches your motorcycle, the disc wheel lock will emit three long beeps, followed by a louder sound that will be repeated every ten seconds.

It features a motion sensor with five seconds delay. The lock is waterproof, weather-resistant which means the rain or moisture won’t be able to damage it. It is also rust-resistant, adding to its durability. It comes with extra batteries to replace the old ones whenever required.

The alarm system works with two-wheelers that have a considerable gap between the wheel spokes. The locking pin measures 7mm, which allows you to fix the lock in any position. It is placed on the disk brake, preventing the thieves from moving the bike.

Once the lock is installed, press the button to lock the vehicle. The reminder cable on the alarm reminds you to take off the lock before riding the motorcycle. It’s bright colored to attract attention as you approach the bike. It usually extends from the tires to the handlebars but can be placed at your convenience. The alarm unit installation process is quite easy and the package includes 1 motorcycle Disc Lock 2 keys and 1 Allen key to help you with it.


  • Siren of 110 decibels
  • Waterproof and rust-resistant
  • Easy to install
  • Sturdy and Durable
  • Features a motion sensor


  • Faulty batteries

Motorcycle Alarm System: Buyer’s Guide

It’s necessary to invest in an excellent quality alarm that will protect your bike at all times. However, the process of finding one can be overwhelming as there are options in the market. That’s why we’ve put together a buying guide to help you understand everything you need to consider before purchasing a motorcycle alarm. Take a look:


The volume of an alarm sound is measured in decibels. A good motorcycle alarm has a siren that is louder than 100 decibels. You will be able to hear for a longer distance if the sound is loud enough. Even if you don’t, it may alert the passersby, forcing the thief to flee immediately.


The alarm system should be strong and sturdy so that it can stay intact for a long period of time. Make sure it is not easy to break. It’s always a plus if it’s weatherproof and waterproof. There are a few with rust-resistance capabilities that you might want to consider buying.

Ease of use

The alarm should be user-friendly. Almost all alarms come with a remote controller that allows you to arm and disarm the device as needed. It can help in adjusting parameters, ringtone, volume, and alarm sensitivities.

Also, make sure it is easy to install because not everyone has the bandwidth or resources to visit a repair shop.

Battery life

Select an alarm system with long battery life. If you leave your bike unattended for several hours and the alarm battery does not last that long, the unit is useless. Before making a purchase, carefully read the product description and reviews. Choose alarms that use dry cell batteries that will last for months.

Sensor type

Motorcycle alarms typically include three types of sensors: motion, tilt, and shock sensors, which detect if anyone attempts to tamper with your bike. However, you must adjust the sensitivity levels, which can be done easily with the remote control. If you set the sensitivity to low, the alarm will go off as the wind blows. An alarm with a medium sensitivity setting will suffice. You can read the customer reviews to get a better idea about the product.

Additional features

The alarm units not only have a loud siren but some additional features that can better protect your motorcycle. With the push of a button, the vehicle search feature can be used to locate the bike in a crowded parking lot. The anti-hijacking feature disables the power supply, preventing the motorcycle from starting. In addition, the GPS feature can assist you in tracking down the stolen bike. The weatherproof and waterproof alarms are always something to look out for.


Motorcycle alarms are available in a variety of price ranges starting at as low as $20. However, when it comes to your motorcycle and belongings, you may want to prioritize features over price. Before making a purchase, make sure you have thoroughly researched all of your options. Also, to avoid going overboard, try to plan your budget ahead of time.

Why Do You Need a Motorcycle Alarm?

Motorcycles are a huge investment, and as they have no built-in security systems, they become an easy target for thieves. Locking the bike isn’t enough, especially when you leave it in an unsupervised parking lot and are yourself far away. This is why you need an anti-theft device for your motorcycle. An alarm will serve as a theft deterrent by emitting a loud sound that will at the very least alert passersby and startle the thief with malicious intent. No one will risk getting caught once they notice the alarm.

Then there are anti-theft locks that prevent the bike from moving by locking the disc brake. Furthermore, many alarms include GPS trackers, allowing you to easily locate where they took the bike.

The vehicle finder feature on the alarm is a savior for those who often forget where they parked their bike. With one easy click on the controller, it can be located, and you’ll be on your way in no time.

How to install the motorcycle alarm system?

Here’s how you can install a motorcycle alarm system at your home following a few simple steps:

  1. Once you buy the alarm, read its user manual instructions carefully. Prepare all the wiring.
  2. Disconnect the negative terminal of the motorcycle battery to avoid short circuits and drainage of the battery.
  3. Stick the wires of the same plug using electrical tape. Then, combine all of the small wire tapes into one large pack.
  4. Now, unlock the ignition switch to find the correct wiring that leads to the fuse box.
  5. Remove the panel where the wires are located. Make sure you don’t forget where all the screws go.
  6. Then, choose a safe location for the alarm that will not draw the thief’s attention.
  7. Use the double-sided tape, cable ties, or read the user manual to know who to secure the system to the motorcycle.
  8. Before connecting the wires to the right spots, check wire polarity. Do this by heat-shrinking or soldering the wires.
  9. When the ignition switch is turned on, the wire we need in the ignition switch harness should be 12 volts and should not have any voltage when the ignition switch is turned off.
  10.  Find the engine mobilizer wires. Split the wires that lead to the main switch of the bike in two parts. Connect one port to the first mobilizer and the second part to the second one.
  11.  Now connect the ground wires and power to the battery terminals. Wrap-around clamps or terminal taps are required here.
  12.  Test out the system to check if everything is working properly. Finally, place the panels back, and you are done.

If the instructions are too confusing for you, simply visit a repair shop or a garage nearby and get the alarm installed by a professional.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Isn’t the wheel lock enough to protect my motorcycle?

No, it isn’t. The thieves may be experts at disabling the wheel lock and will carry away your bike in a trailer/track in no time. Your best chance at protecting your bike is a loud alarm with a siren over 110 decibels. It should have a motion sensor that detects motion, and the alarm will go off alerting everyone nearby. Also, with the GPS tracker, you’ll easily be able to locate the bike. Thieves often avoid bikes with advanced security systems to prevent the risk of getting caught.

Q. Can motorcycle alarms work in any weather condition?

This solely depends on the type of alarm unit you buy. You can opt for weatherproof or waterproof alarms that can withstand humid or rainy weather conditions. It is recommended that you purchase such alarms if you live in or plan to ride through a monsoon region. In addition, it will not freeze in the winter, and the alarm will function properly. A high-quality alarm will also be resistant to rust or corrosion, adding to its durability.

Q. Does a motorcycle alarm drain the battery?

Unfortunately, yes. This mainly happens with the alarms with proximity sensors that detect when someone comes close to your bike or touches it. It requires constant voltage to power the alarm. The two-way alarm systems also draw out power from the battery. So, make sure you choose the alarms carefully. You’ll have to jump-start the bike when the battery drains out. You can, however, install a battery tender or a toggle switch to prevent such situations.


To sum it up, allow us to recommend the product we found best. Our favorite one has to be the BlueFire Motorcycle Security Kit Alarm System. With a 125 decibels siren, the unit is loud enough to alert everyone around. Also, the anti-hijacking feature is like icing on the cake. It is reasonably priced, and you’ll get a bang for your buck.

However, if you are looking for an alarm-cum-lock for your motorcycle, you can never go wrong with the Yohoola Motorcycle Alarm. It is a weather and waterproof device that will last you for a long time. Overall, it’s up to you which device to choose as per your preference and requirements.

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