Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset For Music

Using a bike to go to the workplace or to blaze your way past traffic on the holidays can last you a lot of time and effort. Motorcycle riding is a lonely experience without a Bluetooth headset. Listening to music or audiobooks while riding is a fantastic means of making your ride more thrilling and far less solitary. Conventional headphones, on the other hand, do not quite fit within motorcycle helmets, necessitating the use of Bluetooth music headsets.

This music headset has altered the rider’s journey in the latest days and has become a standard of modern rider’s kits. These headsets make riding motorcycles more fun. However, we frequently ponder which unit is best for us. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of five of the best motorcycle Bluetooth headsets for music present in the market.

How do we choose the best motorcycle Bluetooth headset?

When choosing the best motorcycle Bluetooth headset, there are a few aspects to consider. One of them is customer reviews. These are critical decision elements because reviews aid in the development of customer and business trust. Besides, it assists us in making more informed decisions. Customers write favorable reviews when they have a good experience with a product. Besides, we are social beings who like to hear what others have to say before making purchasing selections.

The sound quality of a good motorbike headset should be lush and harmonized. When purchasing a Bluetooth motorcycle headset, however, it is also more vital to invest the proper sum of money. You will waste both money and time if you purchase a device that is too inexpensive and then discovers it does not provide the audio quality you expected. Try to walk a fine line between a well-known brand and a reasonable price.

It is also a wise idea to see if the headset is suitable for your ears. Not every device will suit you. So, aim for the ideal size that fits comfortably and does not readily drop off.

Durability also makes products more cost-effective. While they will be more expensive at first, the original investment quickly pays off in the long run. Inexpensive, less durable items are vulnerable to far more regular malfunctions, which means maintenance or repair costs can escalate, thereby relatively more expensive.

Top 5 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headsets For Music

Are you undecided about the type of motorcycle Bluetooth headset to get? Do not worry since we are going to tell you about the 5 best motorcycle Bluetooth headsets. All of them have a top-notch sound quality and they can elevate your riding experience.

#1. Sena 20S-01

Sena’s motorcycle Bluetooth communication system is made to entice you to seek new thrills. You have arrived at the right product if you are looking for a motorcycle Bluetooth headset for a group of people. To wear down the features, the headset uses Bluetooth 4.0 technology and has a universal audio distance of up to 2 kilometers, allowing up to 8 riders to converse.

The Bluetooth headset’s universal capability makes it compatible with all Sena and non-Sena Bluetooth headsets. And, greater compatibility eventually lands you a broader connection. Various consumers have commended the Sena 20S Bluetooth headset for its outstanding volume control. Sena 20S-01 Bluetooth headset includes more features that you can control using the remote control or the Sena Mobile application.

Sena’s Advanced Noise Control technology ensures that incoming and outgoing audio does not get hampered by the background noise. The dual-module architecture, Bluetooth 4.1 technology, and high-quality stereo Bluetooth helmet speakers deliver a smooth, sharp, and fast consumer experience that you’ll instantly admire.

Sena 20S Audio Multitasking technique lets you talk on the phone while listening to music, FM radio, or GPS at the same time. Owing to Sena’s motion sensor technology, the user interface makes setting up and pairing your 20S a breeze. The feature allows a quick pairing process for various devices without wires.

The headset offers hands-free voice input by delivering speech commands due to its excellent interface. It prevents road accidents. As you smoothly navigate between music, the phone, and intercom capabilities, intuitive technology assures safe and controlled riding.

Moreover, the headset features crystal-clear HD audio and Advanced Noise Control technology to reduce background noise. It ensures a clear voice in noisy situations, with no noise or wind interfering with conversation.

Many people have lauded the Sena 20S-01 motorcycle Bluetooth headset, stating that it is simple to set up. The Bluetooth headset offers an extensive and stable battery life, making it an excellent long-term connection. Sena 20S-01 includes an excellent noise cancellation technology; with the usage of Advanced Noise Control, Bluetooth has exceeded the expectations of a tranquil ride. It allowed riders to manage the level of noise on the journey, ensuring a safe environment for communication and pleasure.


  • You will be able to control the functionalities of the 20S-01 easily. It has a jog dial that you can turn or press to control the volume. Further, you can activate or deactivate the intercom.
  • Even with your helmet on, you’ll be able to communicate freely. This headset offers an Ambient Mode feature that you may activate with a single button click. External microphones pick up ambient sound and make it simpler to hear them once you turn them.
  • Other riders’ headsets will pick up your voice. The 20S-01 not only produces a good and clear voice but also effectively removes wind noise.


  • The connection weakens at a turning point.
  • Users pointed out that the Sena 20S-01 is not waterproof, and that the headset breaks in the rain.

#2. Sena SMH 10-11

The SMH10 is a motorcycle-specific Bluetooth 3.0 stereo headset that includes a long-range Bluetooth communication system. You can make hands-free phone calls and enjoy stereo music with this Bluetooth headset. Besides, you can also access GPS navigation and voice instructions over Bluetooth freely. It allows having full-duplex intercom chats with other motorcycle riders. The brand created an SMH10 motorcycle headset to keep you engaged with your ride buddies over extended distances for discussion and music sharing through Bluetooth. It works comfortably well up to 900 meters. When riders pair their phone with the bike via Bluetooth, they can also make calls while riding.

The stereo Bluetooth headset on the SMH10 produces a crystal-clear, mellow vibe that gets an immediate boost in noisy places.

Advanced Noise Control technology eliminates background noise for riders. Everything from Play and pause to track forward and trackback functions, along with volume controls for every audio source, are present in the Bluetooth music playback interface.

Free firmware updates are guaranteed to all registered Sena owners, assuring that your SMH10 headset and intercom for motorcycle helmets are updated. Meanwhile, voice prompts are available in 5 different languages. They are English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. It lets users quickly navigate the gadget. You’ll get up to 12 hours of audio and 10 days of battery life on a fully charged battery.

 The SMH10 also includes a universal microphone kit. The Jog Dial offers a user-friendly interface that is simple to use and handle while riding. The Jog Dial’s default purpose is volume control, and pressing the integrated button cycles through all device settings quickly and easily, allowing you to ride safer. The headset uses the Universal Intercom protocol feature. This functionality allows your gear to communicate with theirs regardless of brand. The SMH10-11 combo includes a universal microphone kit with boom and wired microphones for a dynamic helmet setup.

In addition, the easy-to-use and intuitive button functions make it an ideal riding buddy. Other Bluetooth devices that support HSP/HFP (Headset Profile/Hands-Free Profile) and A2DP can connect wirelessly to the SMH10-11 (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile). In all Bluetooth-enabled phones, HSP/HFP is available as default. A2DP allows Bluetooth headsets like the Sena SMH10-11 to deliver stereo audio to an audio device and almost all Bluetooth MP3 players and cellphones. AVRCP allows you to control Bluetooth music playing, including play, pause, track forward, and trackback. Multi-Pair intercom functionality for four people and compatibility with some motorcycle GPS systems are among the other Bluetooth features.

Connect to your portable devices individually or use them as an intercom. You can change the level of the voices conveniently, music, and intercom with the Jog Dial. SMH10-11 can save the volume levels of previously linked profiles. Hence, it implies that the phone volume (HSP/HFP), music volume (A2DP), and intercom volume will all be saved individually. It also means that once the profile is reconnected, it will revert to its previous settings. The volume adjustment of a profile is only influenced when one uses the profile. When users alter the volume in standby mode, every profile undergoes adjustments. Alert tones such as low battery warnings and connection sounds can be modified only in standby mode.

Users can mount The SMH10-11 in a range of helmets. This collection also includes a universal microphone kit for the users. Besides, it comprises a boom mic and a wired mic that is well-suited for most helmet styles. The brand offers a variety of clamps to allow for custom configurations. Some of the additional items are extra cable length, helmet speakers, and a wired microphone rather than a boom microphone. Your headset remains secured with a warranty of 2 years for any sort of manufacturing defects. It gives you certainty in your investment. Besides, you can go through more of their instructions in the packaging to understand them better.

The package also contains speaker pads, a data cable, a USB Power along with Velcro pads. Besides, users get an Allen wrench which they will eventually need for installation purposes.


  • Since it is slim, it will match most motorcycle helmets.
  •  It has a jog dial knob that is easy to use.
  • It features a decent battery life.
  • It comes with a detachable microphone.


  • Users complain of muffled sounds at high volumes.
  • The bass response on this device isn’t excellent.

#3. Fodsports M1s Pro

In the Bluetooth headset industry, this Bluetooth headset is a welcome relief. It has a cheaper price. Also, it has some of the standout advantages you can get in a good Bluetooth headset. The m1s Pro motorcycle Bluetooth headset is extremely adaptable and efficient. The Bluetooth connection speed is extremely fast when used. It can put you in touch with up to 8 motorcycle riders at once within a 2000-meter range, with a maximum effective communication distance of 500 meters between two motorcycles. If you wish to use the phone function while on phone, simply press the intercom button to switch.

The M1-S PRO motorcycle headset features superior CVC noise reduction technology in the helmet speakers and microphones to suppress noise and save your ears. Stereo Hi-Fi technology can deliver elevated and high-definition audio.  The audio has excellent consistency, specifically for bass. The voice quality of the Bluetooth helmet headset is uncompromised even at high speeds. You can use Siri and S Speech voice commands and listen to the Bluetooth GPS voice aid, to make or answer calls hands-free. The motorcycle intercom system can be coupled to a smartphone and has a wired connection. You can listen to music while making phone calls.

Depending on your needs, you can customize your phone to answer calls manually or automatically. This Bluetooth headset delivers an amazing performance considering the budget when we talk about the sound quality. It has 40mm speakers, with good bass that deliver high-definition music, which is uncommon on Bluetooth headphones in this price category. The CSR chip in the headset is meant to filter out all types of ambient noise, including the roar of your motorcycle’s engine and road. When it pertains to noise cancellation technology, the mic system performs adequately.

The position of the speakers affects the sound quality. You must ensure that the speakers are securely fastened directly over your exact ear hole and almost hit the ear. The sound quality is outstanding once you get the location right. You can utilize an audio cord to stream music while interacting with your companions. With a maximum range of 2,000 meters, the motorcycle headset is ideal for longer intercom communications. It also features a waterproof design that makes it suited for both rainy and dry conditions. Noise-canceling technology is also included in the Fodsports M1S Pro for smooth, precise sound quality while riding.

The Fodsports M1S Pro, on the other hand, boasts several amazing features that will provide optimal communication for your bike rides. When the power runs out, the headset will give you an auditory warning to let you know. If you have a portable battery charger, you can charge the battery on the go once you have charged it. The M1S Pro’s battery will take 3 hours to power up completely. Keep in mind that while the headset is charging, you can use all of its functionality, which is incredible. When you connect the charger, the M1S PRO will turn off. But you can turn it back on and it will continue to display that it is charging.


  • Due to the 900mAh battery size, the battery timing is amazing.
  • Communication range of up to 2000 meters.
  • There are a variety of ways to connect, including Bluetooth and a wired system.
  • Completely dust-proof and water-resistant.


  •  Communication is more successful at 500 meters, which is less distance for riders.
  • When you get up to fifty miles per hour, the quality of the bass starts to deteriorate.

 #4. Cardo PTB00001 PACKTALK

The Cardo Packtalk Bold is the most recent version of the industry’s greatest motorcycle communication system. The Packtalk Bold can accommodate up to 15 motorcycle riders in a group. Your team can stay linked from the beginning to end with this feature. You can ride from sunrise to sunset without having to charge thanks to the outstanding 13-hour talk time.

 This Bluetooth headset can also play music from your device, take calls, share audio with your companion, and turn the volume instantly based on the surrounding noise. The PackTalk Bold sets a new benchmark for convenience integrating flawlessly with Apple’s Siri and Google’s “OK Google” voice-command interfaces. Riders can say “Hey Cardo” to the system spontaneously using natural voice commands, and the always-on system responds promptly. It doesn’t need a special activation action like push-to-talk either. The technology enables motorcycle riders to leave their hands on the steering wheel at all times, which is a big improvement over previous systems that needed clunky and ineffectual activation commands. Cardo makes a unique contribution of always-on, natural voice operation to PackTalk Bold, bypassing the limited-natured argument about the optimal button control. It is in stark contrast to prior gadgets, which might abruptly become too loud or silent. Mesh communication has good audio quality, and the noise cancellation technology is outstanding, cutting off any wind noise and keeping the airwaves silent until someone speaks. The auto-volume feature works nicely, automatically adjusting the level to match the surrounding noise unobtrusively.

The 40mm JBL helmet speakers with the PackTalk Slim provide a full-range immersive listening experience. You will hear well-balanced bass and clear treble. Besides, PackTalk uses dual-core wireless technologies for a robust and active communication network. With full backward compatibility with other Scala Rider models, the Bluetooth mode provides a sense of legacy.

The revolutionary DMC (Dynamic Meshwork Communication) technology in the scala rider PACKTALKTM redefines your riding experience. This cutting-edge technology ushers in the third generation of rider communication systems, allowing your huge rider groups to stay connected at all times via a virtual network that is both spontaneous and fluid. With this headset, riders can either join or leave and even re-join the group’s chat any time they want. It would not interfere with the group chat anyway. At times, a Cardo PackTalk user is unable to directly connect with group members outside the range of the intercom, so it is not a hassle. It will re-connect to the next most suitable member in the group to ‘leapfrog’ the connection to the remote PackTalk user. This process is almost seamless, adapting in milliseconds to keep the network operational.

The PackTalk continues regardless of the gloomy weather. It has an IP67 rating and is completely waterproof. You should rest assured since no storm or blizzard could affect the performance of your PackTalk. Besides, it supports A2DP and an intercom system with FM radio, and mobile calls, among its distinct functions. The app supports multiple languages. Some of which are English, French, German, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish.

The optional Bluetooth mode allows you to make and answer calls. You can receive navigation instructions and listen to music through A2DP or the built-in FM radio, and communicate with other Bluetooth devices via intercom. The PACKTALK is the world’s unique dual communication technology system.


  • Beginners can easily read the manual because it is written in precise and unambiguous language.
  • The battery has a conversation time of up to 13 hours.
  • The mesh can keep up to 15 bikers in contact.
  • Apart from the ease of donning the helmet, voice-activated technology remains an essential feature.


  • Because buttons are difficult to operate, using voice-activated technology is recommended. 
  • Users have expressed their dissatisfaction with the lack of consistency in pairing.

#5. Lexin B4FM 10

Lexin is a well-known motorcycle brand with which most riders are acquainted. Their headsets have achieved a high level of features, performance, and overall sturdiness. This top-of-the-line Lexin model has all of the necessary features for both casual and serious riders. The Lexin B4FM motorbike Bluetooth intercom is dependable and could be the most useful piece of equipment you pack on your next cross-country ride. The B4FM motorcycle Bluetooth headset can unite up to ten riders at once and has a Bluetooth range of up to 2000 meters. You can talk back and forth without pressing a button once you’ve connected.

It also has a larger battery, which permits you to enjoy music and communicate over the intercom functionality for 15 hours, making it ideal for long-distance travel. Even if it’s pouring, the weatherproof design protects the headset from breakage, enabling you to continue wearing it and staying connected. This model has an extremely simple layout with intuitive controls and an easy configuration.

This headset is durable, compact, and built to fit most helmet models. However, if you’re dealing with a full-face helmet that doesn’t have any recessed space inside that’s made to handle a headset, the huge earpads can make it difficult to wear for a lengthy amount of time. Before you buy this headset, make sure your helmet is compatible with it. If you have a tight-fitting helmet, you may need to update it to one that is built expressly for use with a headset.

For a smoother riding experience, this model facilitates communication hands-free. You can use Siri to manage the headset and search the web. Besides, you can also use it to accept, forward, or even reject a call.  It’s also compatible with S Voice for Samsung voice commands. This function enables receiving calls hands-free and playing music. It even helps in getting directions through the GPS.

There is a voice conference tool that turns out to be a lifesaver if you’re riding with fellow riders. Also, the conference option will come in handy if you’re bored of losing one or more members of your fellow riders due to road miscommunication. You can let other riders listen in on GPS routes, or even stream the radio or your music library. The conference feature also has a range of up to one mile. This range is ideal for most riding scenarios.

The headset’s universal pairing function allows it to work with the majority of Bluetooth earpieces and headsets in the industry.

This version has noise-canceling functionality. This headset will take roughly an hour to charge fully in terms of charging time. Unlike comparable versions that are just water-resistant, this model can withstand a heavy downpour. It ensures you won’t have to think about the headset becoming soaked if you are stuck in the wet weather.


  •  Compatible with all smartphones.
  • Weatherproof.
  • Has incredible Noise-canceling technology.
  • Bluetooth-enabled GPS navigation eventually comes in handy when you are traveling with other people.
  • You can listen to your favorite radio station while riding.
  • Hands-free operation is a perk.


  • The voice conference feature can be a little sluggish at times.
  • Earpads can be too large for a few helmets.

Why should you buy a motorcycle Bluetooth headset?

Riding together is one of the most enjoyable aspects of motorcycling for many riders. It is a fantastic feeling to be on the road and listening to music, and it’s much better when you have a simple platform to connect with your private group. A motorcycle and a passenger must stay in sync to make the journey pleasant, and Bluetooth provides the ideal solution. Besides, Riders are safe on the road when they can communicate effectively. They use a Bluetooth motorcycle headset to alert other motorcyclists in the group of potential hazards or traffic. It allows a rider and a passenger to communicate without friction.

A large percentage of Bluetooth helmets include the ability to receive FM radio stereo transmissions. Thus, whether you choose to listen to talk radio or a game, you can do it without using a mobile application. Anything you list on your smartphone can be sent to your helmet for enjoyment if you have one. Naturally, this means playing stored on your phone, but it also includes YouTube videos and audio from any app that your mobile can browse.

The primary reason for this is that it is wireless. There’s no need to untangle wires or hide them so that nobody stumbles over them or comes in your face when you’re moving.  Another benefit is that it allows you to concentrate on whichever activity you’re doing instead of having your phone stuck to your ear. When you’re driving and need to accept an emergency call, this can be handy. Because it prohibits you from diverting your focus between driving and making a call against your ear, the Bluetooth headset keeps your hands on the bike and your focus on the road.

Bluetooth headsets are simple to set up and use. There is no need to make a connection or press any buttons. Because two Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as a headset and a smartphone, are within 30 feet of each other, they instantly begin interacting with one another.

Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset For Music Buyer’s Guide

Trying to find the best motorcycle Bluetooth headset will take a while because they must perform the required functions. Before selecting a Bluetooth headset, keep the following qualities in the account.

Audio Quality and Conversation

 When you are out hunting for a Bluetooth headset, this is the most significant thing to watch for. Opt for headsets that also provide crystal-clear audio throughout interactions. Because you’ll nearly be pummeled with high noise levels from the highway and the breeze, a headset with outstanding noise cancellation technology is effective for optimum interaction. You must consider the range of the headset properly. Besides, you would not want a headset that breaks its contact with interconnected devices abruptly while approaching a required minimum range between motorcyclists. When it concerns Bluetooth communication systems, shoot for a minimum range of 500 yards.

Also, check these loudest motorcycle speakers.

Quality of Construction

This parameter will be defined by where you will ride regularly. If your bike is in a region wherein freezing rain is prevalent, a waterproof headset is a solution to assure that it doesn’t get broken the first time it is out. If you reside in a city with several buildings, you must use a headset device with the best Bluetooth range available to avoid instabilities. Confirm that the gadget is sun-proofed; even though the feature is present.

Installation and efficiency

The Bluetooth headset can be secured within the helmet or fitted in securely with clamps. If you are a frequent rider, it is advisable to use clamps to tighten the headset. It will guarantee that it remains in position for a long time. You also must look for items that have voice commands. It will help you get away with unnecessary dealing with the headset whilst biking. Once it regards the standards of the road, note that self-protection must be paramount.

Range of Bluetooth

Once it concerns the range of Bluetooth, you’ll find all sorts of statements. Also, the general rule is that audio quality begins to drop at 700 meters. A headset’s promise to link at 2000 meters or miles somehow does not assure the clearest connectivity. There is always the dilemma of a straight route and routes with obstacles. Instead of stressing about the number, we’d urge you to look for intercom connection quality.

Battery Capacity

The battery capacity is very significant while buying your top motorcycle Bluetooth headset. If you commute extensively and need to use a headset often, a headset with long battery life is ideal. You may not even be free to charge your Bluetooth system if it dies on the road because most bikes don’t even have chargers. The device talk time impacts battery usage. The charge will be exhausted instantly if you predominantly use the gadget to communicate with others.

The Device’s Durability

 The gadget must be incredibly durable because you would use it primarily on a bike. Water and UV damage are perhaps the major culprits of Bluetooth headset damage. When you invest more in quality Bluetooth headsets, you’re essentially investing for sturdiness and the assurance that won’t ditch you midway. Besides, look for Anti-vibration elements found in several Bluetooth headsets, which can resist shocks effectively. It is also an excellent feature you could look out for.

Maximum connections allowed

You must know that the motorcycle Bluetooth intercom will be pricier the more connection you desire. It is usually always a given. But, we should always consider the dos and don’ts before limiting the number of possible connections. It will be a task in the following days if you wish to ride with a bigger number.


This one quality is a bit tricky. People think that almost all Bluetooth headsets today have GPS and they do not check before buying. But do not just sit and presume. Look for the specifications thoroughly. This feature is pretty handy and it would not disappoint. So make sure it is available when you go out purchasing.


It is perhaps one of the most significant features that you should look for in the Bluetooth headset for music. But note that nearly every item will advertise to be “weather resistant.” but being water-resistant and waterproof is not the same thing. Make sure your Bluetooth headset is waterproof if you commute in the rain.


Q. Can you listen to music with a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet?

Yes, you can listen to music while riding in a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet. But determining which helmet is right for you might be tricky. A Bluetooth motorcycle helmet features a built-in Bluetooth system for making and taking calls and hearing music. All you have to do is connect it to your device over Bluetooth and listen to it through your helmet speakers wirelessly.  This helmet eliminates the need to wear earphones under your helmet, which might be inconvenient.

Q. Is Cardo better than Sena?

The Sena and the Cardo are both known for their excellent motorbike intercom system. They have a variety of models to suit your riding demands. Also, both models offer a user-friendly interface and are simple to set up in your helmet.  The Cardo PackTalk Bold is a great choice for you and 14 friends if you want great sound, easy installation, and a warranty against water damage.  If you’re a slacker when it comes to charging yet prefer large group rides, precise microphone pick-up, and contemporary appearance, the Sena motorcycle helmet Bluetooth is the right fit for you.

Q. How do motorcycle helmet communications work?

 Motorcycle helmet communicators use Bluetooth and mesh technologies in some versions. You connect your communicator to your smartphone in the same way you would any other Bluetooth unit, and then you can listen to music, make calls, and get directions from your smartphone. When it comes to helmet-to-helmet communication, the connection can take a few extra steps, but the result is that you can communicate with other riders across a range of up to a half-mile in optimal conditions. The new mesh technology enables matching communicators from the same brand considerably easier, and over a long range.

Q. How do bikers communicate with one another?

Bikers interact with each other using Bluetooth headsets with built-in intercoms. It is because yelling amidst background noises at full speed is extremely tough to decipher. On a safety level, we should understand that it can prove to be deadly.  While you’re traveling with a bunch, These Bluetooth headsets will permit seamless and clear interactions. It will also ensure that bikers do not misread the directions.


This analysis walks you through each of the devices. Each device has its beauty and drawbacks which are significantly different from the others. Thus, if you’re a motorbike fanatic whose love for music is just as much, these are the best motorcycle Bluetooth headset currently. 

These headsets for music only have positive things to offer. It elevates your riding experience when you are out traveling with your biker mates. A motorcycle Bluetooth headset is one of the simplest methods to improve your entire riding experience. Listening to music or receiving direct voice commands for navigating proves helpful. Sometimes, the issue of price certainly cannot be overlooked as some of these specialty headsets are pricey. But you can consider it a one-time investment.

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