5 Best Motorcycle Overpants for Communting

We tend to prioritize safety above everything else while riding a motorcycle. Before starting a motorcycle ride, we usually make sure that we have put on the helmet, hand gloves, knee pads, and boots to ensure our safety.

But, what most of us often overlook are the pants in the gear stash. Although a small investment, the right gear can really make a life-saving difference.

Many of us do not care about what we wear, especially the pants, while riding a motorcycle. We put on jeans or casual pants, without realizing that various portions of our legs, such as thighs, calves, and the knee-to-toe portion needs protection during motorcycle rides. And, such pants cannot give protection.

But, things are different when you wear motorcycle overpants. It protects your lower body from possible harmful effects. Besides, the pants give you great ankle support while also ensuring that your pants don’t get blown up by the wind while giving you comfort. It acts as an additional layer on your body and protects you from dirt, water splashes, or any abrasion.

But, there is a thing to note. Not all motorcycle overpants can serve your needs. Therefore, you should make effort to choose a pair of motorcycle overpants that can serve you the best. Its material, padding, and reflective stripes are some of the factors you need to assess before you invest in a pair of motorcycle overpants.

Top 5 Motorcycle Overpants For Commuting [Reviews]

Going through reviews of experiences of past customers is a good method of figuring out the best product for you. We conducted extensive research to find out the best motorcycle overpants for you. We understood the experience of previous buyers by going through customer reviews and skimming through various blogs and forums.

Keeping all the criteria in mind, we have curated a list of five reviews of the motorcycle overpants to help you choose one that can meet your needs perfectly:

1. HWK Dualsport Motocross

It is one of the best overpants for commuting. The durable overpants are made of the 600D Cordura material, which lasts very long. The good thing is that you can put on the overpants for other purposes, other than motorcycle riding.

The pants can protect you well from impacts during an accident. With 1000D polyester padding on the knee and hip portions of the pants, the robust textile can withstand severe impacts to keep your legs protected.

Mesh linings on the pants make them rainproof. And they have a pair of air vents that allow passage of air to keep your legs comfortable, especially when you ride your motorcycle in summer.

The pants help everyone to notice you while you ride in dark or low light areas, with a silver-white body thread and 5H Scotchlite reflective piping. The overpants come with four pockets and durable zippers in addition to Velcro straps on the knees, waist, and ankles.

Besides, you get a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer, which will set it right when something goes wrong with the pants.


  • Bears adjustable Velcro straps
  • Correct padding
  • Durable
  • Multipurpose features
  • Top-quality zippers.
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Eye-catching reflecting piping
  • Suitable cold weather


  • Becomes hot despite ventilation

2. Xelement B7440

The overpants can be the best for short motorcycle rides. Xelement B7440 is plain and not highly protective, so you should avoid wearing it on long motorcycle rides. Notably, the pants do not have padding on the knee and sitting portion.

The Xelement B7440 overpants are made of 1.2 mm thick top quality Cowhide leather, which is durable. You can prolong its durability with the right maintenance.

Its snap closure button and side zipper make putting on and off very easy. The pant YKK zippers are strong and durable. It also has a pair of slide zipper pockets where you can keep your items while riding your motorcycle.

The Xelement B7440 overpants look good and are comfortable.


  • Durable
  • Different sizes
  • Good looks
  • Top-quality zipper and button closure.
  • Zipper pockets.
  • Comfortable


  • No adequate padding

3. Tourmaster Venture Air 2.0

It provides good protection to motorcycle riders. Tourmaster Venture Air 2.0 has good ventilation. So, your lower body can get air to remain relaxed when you ride your motorcycle.

1680 denier ballistic polyester knee panels with a mesh shell make the overpants abrasion-resistant. In addition, they also make the pants highly durable and comfortable.

Its seat panel is slip-resistant apart from being comfortable due to the presence of 1680 denier ballistic polyester.

The overpants fit perfectly on a motorcycle rider with an adjustable waist belt and dual-elastic panel waistband. While double-stitching increases its durability, reflective piping, and panels shine bright in the dark and low light areas to protect you against vehicle hits from the back.

But there are some discouraging aspects too.

The pants do not have any pockets. And, you cannot customize the pants according to your needs. Neither any of its armors nor the internal lining is removable.

What is impressive is that the pants can keep you comfortable, regardless of whether it is summer or winter.


  • Good ventilation
  • Durable
  • Adjustable waist belt and band.
  • Reflective piping
  • Comfortable


  • No pockets
  • Irremovable armors

4. Joe Rocket Phoenix Ion

It is an expensive motorcycle overpants but is highly protective. So, it gives you value for your money.  

A layer of highly abrasion-resistant material strengthens the seat and knee portions of the pants. Similarly, the lower leg portions of the pants are also strengthened by the material to give protection impacts.

The material gives excellent protection with a high-density layer. And the remarkable thing is that the layers do not make you uncomfortable.

With air mesh panels, the pants allow air inflow to keep your legs relaxed. So, the pants are a perfect fit for motorcycle riding in summers, but it might be a little uncomfortable to wear them in the cold weather.

Joe Rocket Phoenix Ion has a feature that differentiates it from its competitors uniquely. Instead of having reflective pipes or panels, the pants have reflective knee panels that can keep you safe when you ride in the dark.

The overpants have adjustable CE-rated knee protectors. And, it is highly durable.

Besides, you get top-class customer service from Joe Rocket.


  • Reflective knee panels
  • Cooling free air mesh panel
  • Strong seating and knee areas
  • Abrasion-resistant material made for calves and thighs
  • Classy look


  • Less sizing options

5. CE Armored Waterproof Textile Mesh

It is a highly breathable motorcycle overpants. The overpants are made of high-resistant textile that gives you adequate protection in the event of an impact. The pants have reinforced seams and removable armors.

Apart from being breathable, the pants also are highly durable.

However, it’s not fully waterproof but has a waterproof membrane to keep moisture.

The pants ensure users get the right fit for the ankle area, with a Velcro strap on the ankle. And, its thermal lining is removable.

But, there is a deficit too. You cannot put on the pants while riding your motorcycle at night time because it does not come with reflective piping or panels.


  • Highly breathable
  • Made with durable textile.
  • Bears a waterproof membrane.
  • Velcro straps on the ankle


  • No reflective piping or panel

Choosing the Best Motorcycle Overpants

Many variants of motorcycle overpants are available in the market. But, all of them are not worth buying because each of them might not work for you. Therefore, you should carefully choose a pair of motorcycle overpants that can work the best for you. 

It will also help if you do not go by someone’s choice because what worked for him might not work for you. And the reason is simple: your needs could be different. For example, commuter-overpant is a good option if you do short rides. On the contrary, they are not suitable for long rides.

So, avoid purchasing in haste, instead consider a few factors to ensure you invest in the best motorcycle pants.

We have listed the following factors that will help you immensely to select the right motorcycle overpants, whether you purchase online or offline:

The Material

The first aspect to consider while choosing such a pair of pants is the construction material. The material has a lot to do to keep your lower body protected during motorcycle rides.

Motorcycling poses many possible risks. Therefore, your pants have to be strong enough to guard your lower body against those dangerous conditions. Suppose, an accident occurs, the pants should be able to resist heavy slides and impacts to protect your lower body from injuries. So, the pants’ material plays a significant role.  

While choosing a motorcycle overpants for you, look for pants made of abrasion and tear-resistant material. In addition, the pants’ material has to be weather-resistant to restrict water from getting into your lower body if you encounter heavy rain during your motorcycle ride.

Nylon and leather could be good choices as they are highly abrasion-resistant materials. But not all of their variants are not, only a few top-quality variants are. Moreover, they are durable apart from being robust to withstand crashes.

However, they are a little expensive but they will give you value for your money.


Your lower body needs fresh air to remain comfortable. And it is where the need for ventilation in your motorcycle overpants comes into the picture. Suppose, you put on a pair of overpants that are tough and without ventilation, you will sweat inside. As a result, you will undergo a bad riding experience. At the same time, ventilated overpants can make your motorcycle ride comfortable.

But, you cannot disregard unventilated overpants entirely because they are comfortable during cold weather. It insulates your lower body from the cold air, keeping them warm.

So, what could be the best selection? We recommend purchasing a pair of overpants that come with ventilation ports to allow air to get in and out. As a result, your lower body will remain comfortable.


Your knee and ankle are highly prone to impact. If you fall off your motorcycle, you are most likely to land on your knees. So, choose an over-pant that has padding in those areas to protect them against impact during an accident.


Choose a pair of overpants with good stitching with high-quality tread. Stitching is crucial because it has to keep the pants together during impacts. Avoid purchasing a pair of overpants with low-quality thread because the stitches will break when you encounter an impact during your motorcycle ride.

Reflective Stripes

Although your motorcycle has backlights, they often fail to catch the eyes of vehicle drivers, especially of big vehicles. So, when you ride through dark areas or places with low light, your motorcycle becomes prone to hits from the back.

That is why you should choose a pair of overpants with reflective stripes to reflect light to catch the eyes of drivers driving behind you in dark or low light. It will help you to avoid hits from the back.

But, ensure that the reflective stripes shine well in dark before purchasing an over-pant.


The size of your overpants is crucial because a pair of pants that do not fit you well will not be comfortable. And on top of that, it cannot protect you as per your expectations. So, look for a pair of overpants made by a reputable brand. You will find all sizes with big brands. Alternatively, you can look for adjustable overpants that you can fit according to your size.  


You might need to carry some items while riding your motorcycle. Therefore, a pair of overpants with a couple of large pockets will be helpful. However, there is no need for your pants to have plenty of pockets.


Waterproof overpants will prevent water from getting onto your lower body when you ride your motorcycle in rain. But there is a word of caution here. You will find many overpants that are labeled as waterproof but they are not. So, purchase from big brands because they do not give such false guarantees. And if you happen to purchase a pair of overpants that are below your expectations, you can either change it or return it and get a refund.

FAQs on Best Motorcycle Overpants

Many queries might play in your mind regarding motorcycle overpants. Here are a few FAQs that can help you to find answers to your possible questions.

Q. Why are motorcycle overpants important?

Motorcycle overpants act as protective gear to protect your lower body when you ride your motorcycle. The pants are as important as the helmet.

Q. Can I ride my motorcycle wearing jeans?

You should not because jeans and pants are not protective. They cannot protect your lower body during an impact. However, some manufacturers make jeans pants with padding and stitching, especially for motorcycle riders. You can, however, wear it while commuting on your motorcycle.

Q. Can I wear casual clothes to ride my motorcycle?

No, you should not wear casual clothes while riding your motorcycle. Casual clothes cannot protect you from impacts if you encounter an accident.


We are prone to accidents when we ride motorcycles. That is why we should not compromise on our safety. We should not fail to put on protective gear, including a pair of overpants.

Although you might have shortlisted one overpants from the reviews, we recommend the HWK Dualsport Motocross overpants because it provides good safety and comfort apart from being durable.

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