Best Motorcycle Radar Detector

You often exceed the prescribed speed limit knowingly or unknowingly when you ride your motorcycle. When you do so, the police can catch you. And you will end up paying a fine for breaking the speed limit law.

It is an irritating affair for all motorcyclists. And you cannot be an exception.

But, there are ways out. One such way is using a motorcycle radar detector. It is a useful device that can alert you when you cross the speed limit while riding your motorcycle. Therefore, you can adjust your riding speed with a motorcycle radar detector. Moreover, you can also become aware of the presence of any speed detection equipment, if any, near you.

There are different variants of motorcycle radar detectors in the market. And, not all devices are worth buying.

It might be a bit difficult for you to choose the right device.

Going through reviews by past customers can help. You can develop a fair idea of the merits and demerits of different variants of motorcycle radar detectors. And that can help you to choose the right device.

To ease your selection, we are sharing reviews of the five best motorcycle radar detectors. Here, we go:

#1. Escort Max360

If you ride your motorcycle across speed detecting equipment frequently, the Escort Max360 motorcycle radar detector is the best fit for you.

With IVT filtering, GPS intelligence, and auto sensitivity features, the motorcycle radar detector is customizable to your specific motorcycle riding style.

The device comes with remarkable features, such as directional arrows, a rear-facing antenna, long-range capabilities, GPS, and the AutoLearn technology.

The Escort Max360 motorcycle radar detector can accurately detect more information from the signals it receives from police radar guns.

Notably, its rear-facing antenna can instantly alert you of any speed detectors behind you.

The Escort Max360 motorcycle radar detector works smartly. It can learn your usual speed and route. With the variable sensitivity feature, the detector does away with false alerts.

It can identify all speed detectors around you to provide all-around protection. And, the detector can alert you about the directions of speed detectors with on-screen arrows.

With the Escort Max360 motorcycle radar detector, you can get an accurate response quickly due to the digital signal processing feature.

Another remarkable thing is the community of motorcycle riders you can get access to on the Escort Live App. Many community members share the alerts they receive, like speed limits, speed camera locations, red light, and police radar alerts.

The Escort Max360 motorcycle radar detector comes preloaded with the Escort’s Defender, an extensive database of non-signal emitting sources.

The Escort Max360 motorcycle radar detector comes in a package consisting of a travel case, SmartCord USB, and a sticky cup for mounting.

Due to its AutoLearn feature, it can automatically learn the presence of stationary false alerts, such as automatic doors, in your route. So, you can get no disturbance from false alerts.


  • Smart speed sensitivity
  • Protects all directions
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Timely alarms
  • Directional arrows
  • Added protection through a rear-facing antenna
  • Pre-loaded with the Defender database
  • GPS-enabled AutoLearn to remember false signal sources
  • Escort Live app for crowdsourcing of threat locations


  • The app drains the phone battery

#2. Uniden R3 Extreme Long Range

It is another motorcycle radar detector you can consider for your use. The Uniden R3 Extreme Long Range motorcycle radar detector exhibits advanced performance to effectively restrict you from exceeding speed limits.

Priced at USD 299.99, the radar detector filters false alerts and also mutes such unwanted alerts, like the ones originating from automatic store doors, using GPS. It also alerts you of red lights and speed cameras, using free database and firmware updates.

It also features an advanced OLED display that is easy to read and is with user-friendly controls.

Another remarkable feature of the radar detector is using voice warnings, allowing hands-free operation. You can effortlessly program for voice alerts, which are based on the sophisticated K/KA Band filtering to block false alerts.

With 360 degrees protection, the detector alerts you of the presence of radar anywhere near you, covering a large area.

The Uniden R3 Extreme Long Range motorcycle radar detector keeps you up to date with reliable alerts.


  • Voice alerts
  • Includes mounting brackets
  • Digital signal processing


  • Silent

#3. Escort Passport 9500iX

It is a reliable motorcycle radar detector that costs USD 299.95. The Escort Passport 9500iX motorcycle radar detector features many preloaded locations. And it also allows you to include your locations.

The detector does away with false alerts using the traffic sensor rejection feature. And it alerts you of the presence of police speed detectors along with your location and speed.

The Escort Passport 9500iX motorcycle radar detector also comes with the Escort Live app and other detector tools that are compatible with both MAC and PC. As such, you can download updates and scan new threat locations.

With a bright screen and clear display, you can effortlessly read the information. So, you can make quick decisions.

The detector prevents false alerts due to the variable speed sensitivity feature. And it shows the most precise information using GPS technology.

Overall, it is a simple device with easy-to-use controls.


  • Laser and radar detection
  • Regular updates
  • Color LED display


  • Mounting is not perfect (the device might fall off)

#4. Cobra Rad 480i

With the Cobra Rad 480i motorcycle radar detector, you can easily avoid speed detection equipment on your way while you ride your motorcycle. The device can detect radars in front and behind you using the Laser Eye technology.

Priced at USD 149.95, the device also comes with the iRadar app. It allows you to know if there is any speed-detecting equipment ahead before you get on your motorcycle. And the app alerts you when you come near law enforcement, red lights, and speed cameras.

With an advanced IVT Filter and sophisticated electronic circuitry, the device reduces false alerts originating from blind spots.

The advanced electronics circuit in the device processes all signals quickly. As such, you get accurate alerts and thus can respond quickly in the most effective way.

The Cobra Rad 480i motorcycle radar detector comes in a package of a hook and loop fastener,12V power cord, and a suction cup for effortless mounting.


  • Multiple mounting facilities
  • Updatable IVT filter
  • Early alerts


  • Small display

#5. Adaptiv Technologies TPX 2.0 Radar/Laser Detector

If you ride your motorcycle across bumpy terrains, the Adaptiv Technologies TPX 2.0 radar (and laser) detector can be your perfect choice.

lt is ideal for rough use. You will find it perfect even if you ride your motorcycle in the harshest weather.

The device is weatherproof apart from being resistant to vibration. So, it can ensure reliable protection even in tough road conditions.

The device can resist rough use and shock. And it can show accurate alerts without getting disrupted by shocks.

It has high detection sensitivity. So, it can accurately detect laser and radar bands.

The device provides both visual and audio alerts. It also allows hands-free use. And its overall use is effortless.

In addition to being shock-resistant, the Adaptiv Technologies TPX 2.0 device is also water-resistant. As such, you need not bother to remove it if it rains while riding your motorcycle.

The motorcycle radar detector is user-friendly. With oversized buttons, it makes it easy for you to operate even with gloves on.

The device also has a 3.5 mm jack that you can use for any audio or communication system.

It also has a clear LCD display that allows you to angle it according to your convenience. The display ensures you do not miss out on visual alerts.

Notably, the device is certified by Speed Measurement Labs.


  • Convenient buttons
  • Easy to use
  • Can detect multiple radar frequencies: X Band, K Band, and Ka Super Wide Band
  • High detection sensitivity so you can reduce speed on time
  • Multiple user modes
  • Waterproof, shockproof, and vibration resistant
  • Certified by Speed Measurement Labs
  • Clear LCD display
  • Provides clear audio and visual alerts


  • Can pick up false signals

The Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Motorcycle Radar Detector

You should refrain from purchasing a motorcycle radar detector in haste. If you do so, you might buy the wrong one.

Remember that buying a motorcycle radar detector can be a tricky affair. You might find it challenging to identify the device that is appropriate for your motorcycle. Purchasing the wrong device will entail a wastage of money. Therefore, consider a few factors that can help you choose the right device to meet your needs.

Although we have covered the reviews of the five best motorcycle radar detectors, we are also putting together some of the factors to consider beforehand to purchase the right device.

It will help if you consider the following factors:


You will find three types of motorcycle radar detectors in the market.

The first type is cordless devices. You can carry them along with you. Despite the fact that they are convenient, their battery life is shorter. So, you need to recharge the battery quite often.

The second type is the corded motorcycle radar detectors. And some can draw power from your motorcycle battery. The type of devices requires a permanent installation.

The third type of device is the remote-mounted motorcycle radar detector. They remain immovable after installation and permanently fixed.


The performance is the first aspect to check before buying a motorcycle radar detector. The overall performance depends on many aspects. So, ensure that you check them out.

Many aspects contribute to the performance of your motorcycle radar detector. You should ensure that you purchase a device that can perform well to restrict you from exceeding the imposed speed limit.

It will help if you look for a motorcycle radar detector that can accurately identify all signals used by the law enforcement department. Usually, the signals are Superwide Ka, Instanton POP, K, and X radar.

The next aspect to look at is whether the device can give you 360 degrees protection by detecting all the signals around you.

Also, check the range the device can detect. Good motorcycle radar detector variants can detect far-away signals to give you sufficient time to respond.


The accuracy of the motorcycle radar detector is another aspect to check out. If you buy a device that cannot provide accurate alerts, you will fall in trouble. For example, if the device shows alerts while passing along automatic store doors and radar detectors in cars, you will get confused. Likewise, if the device does not alert you when you pass by police radar, you will get into trouble.

So, you should select an accurate device to prevent yourself from encountering such unwanted eventualities.

You will come across many motorcycle radar detector variants in the market. But not all of them are accurate. As such, you should make efforts to select a sophisticated model that will alert you only of speed detectors accurately, and not of other unwanted stuff.

The spontaneous question that arises in this context is that how will you determine if the device is accurate or not? The answer is: you can do that by going through customer reviews.

False Alert Filtering

Check out how prone the device is to fake alerts. A motorcycle radar detector can pick up many signals it comes across apart from those from police speed detectors.

When you ride your motorcycle across urban areas, the device can pick up signals from things, such as automatic doors. As a result, it will show false alerts that are confusing and misleading.

Therefore, select a device that can allow you to fix the sensitivity. Go for a model that can remember all fake alerts and locations to filter them. As a result, fake alerts do not get triggered anymore. Such filtering will reduce the number of fake alerts.

Detection Range

The range within which the motorcycle radar detector can pick up signals from police speed detectors is a crucial buying decision.

The longer the range, the better the device is for your use. So, it will help if you select a motorcycle radar detector that can pick up signals from at least a mile away. It will help you with sufficient time to alter your speed before reaching the speed detecting area.

Also, ensure that the device you choose can give visual and audio alerts. With such a device, you can use it without looking at it all the time.

Camera Alerts

It will help if you choose a motorcycle radar detector that can also alert you of the red lights and speed cameras. With such features, you can avoid getting caught due to breaking speed rules.

Bear in mind that camera and radar alerts are not the same. So, a basic radar detector cannot alert you of the presence of a speed camera. However, most motorcycle radar detectors come with speed camera sensitivity.

You can easily figure out whether the model you choose has the speed camera detecting feature. Manufacturers list this feature in their manuals.


Look for the GPS feature in the device you choose. It is sensible to purchase a motorcycle with the GPS feature. It can alert you of the presence of speed or red light cameras near you.

Usually, red light cameras are installed in the hidden mode, so it becomes challenging for motorcycle riders to avoid. And that is why the GPS feature becomes crucial.

Another handy feature of GPS-based motorcycle radar detectors is–the AutoLearn. It enables the device to remember all false alerts along a certain route, and block those signals.


Check how the motorcycle radar detector will draw power. There are two variants. One draws power from its own battery, and the other draws power from your motorcycle battery.

It is a good idea to consider the second variant because it becomes convenient for you when the device sources power from your motorcycle battery.

The device will start working when you start your motorcycle. And when you shut off your motorcycle, the device will also shut down.

You need not manually switch the device on and off each time you start and shut off your motorcycle.

Ease of Use

Examine the motorcycle radar detector thoroughly before you buy it. You should ensure that it is easy to use.

You should refrain from selecting a motorcycle radar detector that can give you a tough time with setup and operation.

It will help if you examine the following aspects to figure out the ease of use of the motorcycle radar detector:

  • The controlling mechanism of the device
  • Ease of reading the display
  • The time necessary to set it up

Where to Place a Radar Detector on Your Motorcycle?

After you purchase a motorcycle radar detector, you should know where to place it on your motorcycle. There are multiple places on your motorcycle to put the detector, such as:

Brake or Crutch

You can regard the brake or clutch as the best place to put your motorcycle radar detector because the device will be within your hand’s reach. Usually, most people put the device in these places. A notable thing in the context is that you will need a pinch bolt mounting to securely fix your detector in one of the places.


 The mirror is another good place to put the device on your motorcycle. It is also a popular option. But, you will need a specific mirror mount to hold the motorcycle radar detector on the mirror. Placing the device on the mirror can be convenient for you because you will be able to see it effortlessly and conveniently. But, you should ensure that you tighten it properly so that it does not fall off while you ride your motorcycle.


Many people prefer placing motorcycle radar detectors on the handlebars. But, not all models come with the appropriate mounts. So, check that out if you want to put the device on the handlebars. Besides, you need to ensure that the mount has rubberized brushings to minimize vibration.

Fork Tube

If your motorcycle is of the BMW, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki, or Honda brand, the fork tube is the best place to put the device. You can effortlessly place the motorcycle radar detectors on these motorbikes. What you need to do is, place a stem mount on the fork tube, and attach the motorcycle radar detector to it.

Motorcycle Fairing

The fairing is an ideal place to put the device if you own a cruiser or chopper bike. For other motorcycles, the fairing has to be big to accommodate the device. As motorcycle fairings are usually made of plastic, they do not interfere with the motorcycle radar detector to affect its performance.


The purpose of using a motorcycle radar detector is to make yourself aware of the presence of speed detectors, installed by the police while riding your motorcycle.

Once you come to know about the presence of such speed detectors, you can check and adjust the speed of your motorcycle. It can help you to avoid getting caught by police, regardless of how fast you are riding your motorcycle.

But, refrain from riding your motorcycle too fast. It can put you and others in danger. Instead, adhere to the prescribed speed limits.

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