Best Motorcycle Riding Shoes

Bike riding is pointless without protective gear, and motorcycle riding shoes play a pivotal role. It’s easy to get swept up in the adrenaline of getting on the road and overlook that you’ll need certain supplies to guarantee a safe and joyful ride. However, you must pay special attention to your lower body in addition to your upper body. You can’t just wear flip-flops or regular shoes on long rides since they provide no safety. 

Aside from looking uncool, wearing improper shoes puts you at risk for many problems. These comfortable kicks are uniquely built to balance riders when riding on two wheels, making them a must-have for both newbie and seasoned riders. Since these riding shoes guard you during high speed to prevent serious harm during abrasion on the road, they are provided with more plated shielding than other standard shoes. 

After all, if your legs slip off when riding at incredible speeds, you’ll be knocked off balance, and we all know how bad that can be, right? So, if you’re looking for some of the best motorcycle riding shoes accessible, stick with us till the end to learn everything about them.

Top 5 Motorcycle Riding Shoes in 2022

Whether you’re a novice rider looking for your first motorbike or a grizzled traveler with lifetimes under your helmet, finding the proper motorcycle riding shoes can be tricky. So, if you’re in the same boat as us, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. To make things a little easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 motorcycle riding shoes for 2022 to help you choose the right one. So, let’s have a look at them one by one, shall we?

1. Alpinestars Men’s Faster-3

The Alpinestars Faster-3 motorcycle shoe is part of an established casual range that thoroughly embodies the Italians’ sporting character. As a sporty rider, you can’t do without it since it provides the required protection while preserving the coziness of your regular footwear. The Faster-3 shoe is significantly lighter and boasts class-leading safeguarding features on the inside and out. It boasts a light, sturdy microfiber chassis and a mesh lining for added convenience. 

The heel’s 3D mesh lining has an anti-slip micro-suede for increased ventilation. The suede grip pad underneath the heel and the non-slip rubber shoe sole keep adding to the coziness. Parts of them are substantially perforated to allow for optimum airflow. It also enables a lot of air to get into the shoe, making it airy. It’s a semi-high-top sneaker composed of abrasion-resistant microfiber. The surface is made up of thermo-welded microfiber and PU suede. 

It takes care of your ankle maintenance, allowing you to focus on driving. The tongue and collar cushioning give outstanding support and comfort all around the ankle and instep. The shoes provide strategic protection and flexibility in prominent places in between the upper cushioned lining and the medial dual density ankle protectors. The internal protective toe box and heel counter reinforcement are stacked under the surface for a more ergonomic design. Additionally, they are CE certified, which is an advantage. All of this combines to create an intensely styled road racing shoe that delivers power, finesse, and agility.

The shoes provide a good amount of cushioning and an inbuilt support shank for increased sole durability. There’s also synthetic microfiber for any parts that aren’t enclosed by mesh. They have an abrasion-resistant microfibre and an asymmetric toe design that provides protection in the shift region. Besides, they have a classic lace closure style for a comfortable and secure grip. 

The rubber sole provides a textured grip and is specially compounded. Motorcyclists will love the lateral adjustable hook and loop closing system with a TPR strap for added protection. The new TPR heel counter design has added lateral support and security. A replacement anatomical EVA Footbed with Lycra lining is also included. You don’t have to be concerned about sizing because the supplier provides sizing estimates in both EU and US sizes.

Highlight features

  1. Waterproof: Yes
  2. Ventilated: Yes
  3. Abrasion resistance material: Yes
  4. Season type: Summer
  5. Protection: CE certified
  6. Fitment: Laces 

2. Icon Hooligan Riding Shoes  

Today, only a handful of shoe manufacturers integrate elegance and reliability, but if you’re looking for something akin, the hooligan riding shoes could be the key. They’ve been designed to be the best urban commuter moto shoe from the ground up. The shoes are designed for riders looking for a street-style riding trainer with an ultra-comfortable sports footbed. The shoe is built on an abrasion-resistant textile and mesh chassis with transverse beam rigidity plates for structural support. 

Uppers are combined with a mesh bootie to keep the shoe airy and ventilated while still keeping it safe. The hooligan shoes include an innovative footpeg interface arch for smoothly and comfortably gliding about on the bike’s pegs or rear sets, in addition to a mesh bootie foundation placed over a customized, low-profile ICON outsole. They feature a primary polyester textile structure with a tiny amount of air mind throughout the riding shoe. Aramid fiber overlays at the toe and D3O ankle inserts provide abrasion and shock resistance. 

This enables a more discreet insertion into the boot while maintaining speed. Furthermore, the boots include an axial-metric shank for moto-specific support. Since this is a high-wear region, there is a slight PU coating on the toe. When it pertains to the shoe’s sole, it offers excellent crush resistance, a multi-direction tread pattern at the bottom, and a shank that gives outstanding flexibility.

The inside liner and inside padding of a classic lace-up design are attached to the top. And there is a separate tongue that functions well with laces to make the boot effortless to pull on and off and regulate the fit. This shoe likewise has a primary and unlined top that is worn over an inside bootie that is not detachable, by the way.

The hooligan riding shoes, which are more than sneakers and less than a boot, provide the essential qualities for the urban biker. It will be challenging to get into and out of these boots if you have high arches; thus, anyone with high arches should get at least half a size larger than their typical size. This men’s footwear is offered in both US and European sizes.

Highlight features

  1. Ventilated: Yes
  2. Abrasion resistance material: Yes
  3. Durable: Yes
  4. Fitment: Laces 

3. Street and Steel Kickstarter Riding Shoes

The street and steep Kickstarter riding shoes are for you if you would like to ramp up your riding shoe skills and get your engine going in flair. The suede upper is gorgeous on and off the bike, and the minor reinforcements keep you safe. It has suede leather inserts on the sides and a rubberized cap toe, which adds a good touch and increases durability, notably on the left side. 

The street and steel Kickstarter riding shoes are promising if you’re seeking a quality riding shoe for affordable pricing. Even though they appear to be ordinary street shoes, they provide a lot of solid construction and safety for riders. This shoe evolved from brushed rubber to swayed leather with a few styles and panels. They provide good, sturdy contouring as well as some cushioning for your foot and lower ankle.

Finally, accent stitching is added to bring everything together. They also have vent grommets for more snug wear. They have a sturdier sole that will last a long time. Furthermore, the benefit of this shoe is that it rises higher to cover your entire foot. The street and steel Kickstarter is a powerhouse within the street and steel line. It is not CE-certified, yet it provides adequate moto capability and protection at a reasonable price.

This shoe brand has a unique fit. The size chart shows that it only comes in full sizes and is American, so there will be some spare room. It features a little more width and toe box space. Because it is a more liberal cut, it will fit you whether you are between sizes or wear a half size. You should go down a size, and you should be perfectly all right. 

We should also discuss the quantity of foam along the ankle while we are at it. Many riders choose to wear casual trousers rather than specialized socks, and the jersey-style mesh will help drain perspiration. Suppose you’re wearing short or athletic socks. In that case, this riding shoe features a significant quantity of cushion to nestle your ankle and Achilles’ back, making it an incredibly soft and pleasant riding shoe to wear. It comes with exposed laces.

Highlight features

  1. Waterproof: Yes
  2. Abrasion resistance material: Yes
  3. Durable: Yes
  4. Season type: summers
  5. Fitment: Laces 

4. Alpinestars Sektor Vented Shoes 

If you’re a rider who prioritizes efficient operation, this riding shoe is for you. The manufacturer employs robust ultralight microfiber to protect against abrasion without adding bulk. Microfiber is more abrasion resistant and long-lasting than leather. They also contain perforated microfiber panels that allow air to flow through, getting your legs cooled when the temperature goes up. Microfiber is also utilized in the uppers, which is the most prevalent material used in motorcycle boots nowadays. 

Their lacing systems and ankle straps, on the other hand, make sliding into the Sketor boots secure and straightforward. The ankle straps are also stable and fit snuggly within the top ankle polymer protective plate for a smooth finish. A significant region of embossing is seen on the interior portion of the ankle to provide a grip surface. Stiffening elements are integrated into the heel and toe areas, and ankle protection is placed on the inner ankle alone. 

External TPR material at the toe aids in abrasion resistance. For a better fit, 3D ankle protection is included. The advanced 3D mesh provides more ventilation and comfort. The rubberized sole provides textural grip, and an incorporated support shank improves sole stiffness. The boots are available in both Euro and US sizes; however, they run smaller than most. Sizing up one or two sizes is usually suggested for comfort and a great fit. 

Alpinestar features a minimalist style that isn’t overtly motorcycle-related. The braiding is subtle, and the shoes are comfortable to wear both on the rack and when walking. They have flex zones on the heel and instep for added comfort, particularly during walking. The shoes come in three different styles: standard, waterproof, and vented. The vented version, which we’re discussing right now, have holes punched in the microfiber, making it ideal for usage in hot weather.

Highlight features

  1. Ventilation: Yes
  2. Season type: Summers
  3. Protection: CE certified
  4. Fitment: Lace

5. TCX Street Ace Air Shoes

Are you hunting for casual motorcycle boots that are ideal for riding in the summer heat? TCX street ace air shoes are exceptionally engineered to let air flow through the sneaker and give ventilation to the rider’s feet, putting an end to your pursuit. TCX has long been a significant contributor to the shoe business, and it reflects. They never cease to amaze us with their casually styled shoes, which are no exception. 

Two-tone leather upper with thoroughly ventilated panels along either side promotes superb airflow over the foot in the TCX Street Ace sneakers. The TCX street ace air sneakers will cool you down with an air-tech ventilated internal lining and trendy sneaker aesthetic. They have a vintage-style perforated leather lining and an air-tech breathable liner. Apart from that, the perforated full grain leather upper is durable and will age gracefully.

Reinforced toe, heel cup, and comprehensive malicious protection are hidden behind its beautiful appearance. Because they don’t have a built-in waterproof membrane, they’re a little more flexible and comfy. But the fit and design are on par with one of some of the best-selling boot brands. They also have a CFS (comfort fit system). They have received CE certification, which means they have passed specific side-crush tests, a sole adhesion test, and the ankle armor is up to manufacturer specifications. 

They also come with anatomic and changeable insoles. Remember that they supply both EU and US size charts if you want to check about the fits. Also, while purchasing these shoes, always attempt to go down one size from the size chart to ensure a great fit. Consider adding an over-the-counter insole to help take up a little volume if you are between sizes or just want a snug fit.

Highlight features

  1. Ventilation: Yes
  2. Fitment: Laces
  3. Season type: Summers
  4. Sole: Rubber resistant
  5. Protection: CE certified

Buyer’s Guide

The best motorcycle riding shoes strike a mix between aesthetics and functionality. On the other hand, motorcyclists sometimes neglect the value of a good pair of riding boots, which are the one item of motorcycle gear that takes the maximum impact. So, if you’re looking for the best motorcycle boots but are baffled by the choices, we hope our buying guide helps you.

Size and fit

This is maybe the first factor to think about when purchasing motorcycle boots. You must ensure that the size is suitable for you. We recommend that you evaluate your size ahead to decide which size is most snug for you. Aside from that, certain manufacturers require you to size up or down, so search for their tips as well for the best fit. 

Choose a style that comes in various calf sizes for a well-fitting boot. You could choose the lace model to provide the most refined quality fit around your calf. So, to find the correct size, we recommend consulting the size guide available. 

Quality and safety

Motorcycle riding shoes are not very cost-effective; they are among the most expensive shoes you will come around. Furthermore, because you will be risking your feet to high speeds and similarly terrible conditions, it is always good to invest in high-quality boots. Don’t rely on pricing to determine quality. Your safety absolutely comes first. 

Your ideal shoes should be made of a rigid material that can handle wind abrasion while also protecting your toes from blows. Some companies are now producing both ventilated shoes and immune to abrasion, which is a wonderful sign. You can cherish your motorcycle boots for a long time if you take care of them and buy high-quality material.


When shopping for motorcycle riding shoes, you must constantly look for their longevity. It refers to a product’s potential to survive for an extended period without considerable damage. Of course, one’s idea of how long a product should last is variable, but you should search for things that endure at least a couple of years, if not more, to recoup your investment.


You should also keep an eye on the soles of your riding shoes. To safeguard your feet, the soles of your riding shoes must be durable. At the same time, sufficient flexibility is required to use the brake safely. Furthermore, an anti-slip rubber sole is vital. 

If this is missing, riding in the downpour may prove more difficult. Make sure you can simply change the insoles when shopping. If they’re washable, you may be confident you’ll take them off when they’re moist or worn out.


Motorcycle boots must be reinforced at the heel. They also must have reinforced toe and reinforced ankle for added safety. Various reinforcements provide reduced friction and little jolt in the case of a crash. If you’re riding a sports bike, make sure there’s an additional meta reinforcement near your little toes. After all, aren’t we purchasing the equipment for our own safety?

Proper ventilation

When it comes to motorcycle riding shoes, it’s especially vital to remember that good ventilation is crucial. And, when it comes to summer motorcycle boots, this is an essential aspect. Sweat may soon make your feet damp if you don’t buy one. This will affect not only your riding but also the lifespan of the shoe. 

Of course, you can remove the stink by washing and drying it, but that is not the point. And, what if you’re on tour with friends and don’t have access to a washing machine or dryer all the time? So, when you buy a boot, make sure it has a sound ventilation system.

Vented vs. Waterproof

Your riding boots should provide the ideal balance of safety and convenience. There are boots with various maximum protection, as well as practicality, for better usability. They each have a unique design with a unique style factor. 

Vented riding shoes are popular among motorcyclists because the molded leather construction allows for ventilation. On rainy days, though, waterproof riding boots will keep your legs dry. As a result, you must choose your riding boots carefully based on your requirements and intended use.


We retained style as the last factor on our comprehensive list of buying guides. Some motorcyclists feel that your motorcycle boot should complement your overall outfit and bike. However, we believe that the design and color should be the last things on your mind.

That isn’t to imply they shouldn’t be considered. Of course, style and design are vital, but personal preferences vary greatly. However, we must point out that a boot might look fabulous, but it is a waste of money if it provides little to no safety.


With this, we’ve come to the conclusion of our article for today. As a biker, riding motorbike shoes is the ultimate gift. While many choices are available, not all of them classify as the finest. 

However, we have attempted to offer you the best five motorcycle riding shoes in order to assist you in making a decision depending on your necessities. We hope you found this article insightful and helped you make an informed decision. Have a fun and relaxing ride, folks.

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