Best Motorcycle Rim Tape

If you own a motorcycle, the prolonging lifespan of its wheels should be a priority. Often, spoke nipples on the wheels puncture the inner tubes.

But that is not a cause to worry. You can apply rim tapes on the rims of your motorcycle wheels to prevent a puncture. The tape runs around the interior of the wheel rim where the spokes meet the rim.

You can regard the rim tape as a piece of rubber that runs along your rim. It safeguards the inner tube against pierces by spoke nipples. As a result, the longevity of the wheels of your motorcycle increases. And it keeps your worries at bay.

Despite rubber being the favorite material, rim tapes can be made of different materials.

Rim tapes come in different varieties. It will help if you choose rim tape for your motorcycle based on the wheel size and your riding style. Also, you should ensure that you choose quality rim tape so that it lasts long and perform satisfactorily.

3 Best Motorcycle Rim Tapes [Reviews]

Choosing the right motorcycle rim tape can be a confusing affair. But, going through reviews can help you to develop an understanding of different rim tapes and allay your confusion As such, we are sharing the following reviews of three best rim tapes for you to choose from:


It can be a good choice. The Custom Taylor33 motorcycle rim tape is high in quality and durable. Meaning, it gives you the value of your money.

Priced at $39.99, the motorcycle rim tape looks like curved stripes and is highly reflective. You can maintain the visibility of your motorcycle on the road during nighttime.

With strong adhesive, the rim tape remains stuck to the rim of your motorcycle wheel regardless of harsh weather conditions.

The reflective material is coated with an ultra-violet-resistant substance that makes it durable. Due to the coating, the rim tape does not fade or get damaged due to exposure to the sun.

The Custom Taylor33 motorcycle rim tape is easy to install. And, you need not remove the wheels during the installation process.


  • Available in many sizes
  • Highly reflective
  • Easy to install
  • Comes in many colors


  • Somewhat tricky to remove from the backing paper


The motorcycle rim tape is made using the 3M technology and the best retro-reflective material. So, your motorcycle will have lateral visibility in the dark or rain. It is priced at $23.90.

With the pre-cut curved shape, the Vfluo motorcycle rim tape allows easy installation. The rim tape will also add to the looks of your motorcycle.

When it comes to its lifespan, you can expect durability of eight years.


  • Easy to install
  • Highly reflective
  • Adhesive sticks well


  • Cutting takes time


The motorcycle rim tape is made of PVC material. As such, it is more flexible than a normal rubber liner. Moreover, the Thinvik motorcycle rim tape, priced at $12.99, possesses a slew of beneficial features.

The Thinvik motorcycle wheel rim tape is highly durable, safe, wear and tear-resistant, and lightweight. Also, the rim tape can withstand substantial pressure.

Due to its high toughness and elasticity, the rim tape can protect your tires from puncturing by sharp items, glass, or thorns.

Its installation poses no problem. You can effortlessly and quickly install the Thinvik motorcycle wheel rim tape. All you need to do is stretch it over the wheel rims to attach it. And you can easily clean the motorcycle wheel rim tape after you attach it to the wheels because it does not leave any glue.


  • Highly durable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy installation


  • The wheel needs to be warm enough for the tape to stick properly.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Motorcycle Rim Tape

You will find many varieties of motorcycle rim tapes in the market. And it is not a good practice to purchase randomly. Instead, you should consider a few factors to determine the best rim tape for your motorcycle.

So, before you put your money in a motorcycle rim tape, consider the following factors:


Check the weight of the rim tape you wish to buy. Weight plays a significant role in determining how the rim tape will perform.

Usually, the thicker ones are slightly heavier than the thin ones. But, no rim tape is quite heavy. The slight differences in weight can play a minor role during the installation process. It can make installation quicker or time-consuming, depending on the type of motorcycle wheel.

If you have a racing motorcycle, you might like to go for a lightweight rim tape. But, you might need to replace them frequently because they are thin and prone to wear and tear.

Ensure that you choose a rim tape that is not too thin so that it can resist rough use.


Durability is essential for the rim tape you purchase. It has to last long to give you the value of your money. The quality of raw materials is the primary determinant of durability. It also depends on whether or not you install the rim tape correctly.

It is a good idea to choose rim tape with stripes. As a result, it will fit the wheels of your motorcycle without any modifications.


The size of the motorcycle rim tape is another factor to consider beforehand. Ensure that it fits the wheel rim.

 Measure the size of the rim to figure out the size of rim tape you require. Do not undermine the measurement because it has a direct bearing on the size of the rim tape you will purchase.

If you end up buying a rim tape of the wrong size, you will find it problematic during installation. And, there also arises the chance of the rim tape slipping while replacing a tube or mounting a tire.

A rim tape that matches the size of your motorcycle wheel rim can protect it. Otherwise, it can even cause damages.

Therefore, ensure you purchase a rim tape of the right size.


The type of rim tape is an important factor to consider before you purchase it. The rim tapes you find in the market are mostly universal. Meaning, they can fit on any motorcycle wheel rim.

But, there are also rim tapes designed for specific motorcycles.

You should select the right type of rim tape so that it performs well without causing any hindrances.

Besides, the right type can allow you to effortlessly install it to the wheel rim.

The type of the rim tape does not only depend on the size of the wheels but also the style with which you ride your motorcycle.

As such, choose your rim tape correctly.


Whether or not the rim tape is easy to install is another important factor you should consider.

You should choose rim tape that poses no difficulty during the installation process.

Usually, you will find most of the rim tapes that come with an adhesive backing easy to install. Also, the rim tapes that are not self-adhesive can be easy to install, but you need to apply glue.

Some rim tapes require you to remove the wheel to install them. You might find the process a bit complicated if you do not know how to remove the wheel.


The good thing is that rim tapes are not that expensive. You can easily afford them. Although you will find a variation in the prices, the spread is not very large.

However, it is a good idea to fix a budget before you purchase. A budget will allow you to look for rim tapes that are within your affordability.

But, do not prioritize the price over important factors, such as durability and ease of use.

Installing Motorcycle Rim Tape

You should master the art of installing rim tape on your motorcycle wheels. It will make things convenient for you.

Gather the necessary materials to get started. You will need the rim tape, a clean paper towel, rubbing alcohol, and a blow dryer.

An important aspect to keep in mind is that the installation becomes convenient when the wheel is warm. So, it will help if you try out the installation when the temperature is around 60 to 70 degrees. And, avoid installing when the temperature is too cold.

Start with cleaning the wheels with water and detergent. And do not allow any dirt to sit on the wheel. Wipe it with rubbing alcohol.

Finally, remove the strip from the package and install the rim tape on the wheel. It will also help if you have the wheel on a stand to rotate it with ease.

In the last step, use a blow dryer to catalyze the glue to stick better to the wheel.

Removing Motorcycle Rim Tape

Like the installation procedure, you should also master the art of removing rim tape from the wheel.

The removal does not call for the usage of many tools. All you need is a heat gun or a blow dryer.

Use the heat gun to blow hot air to loosen the glue a bit. It will help you to remove the strip effortlessly. But, ensure that you do not place the heat gun very close to the wheel.

Once the glue loosens, peel the strip slowly until it is all off. If you find any resistance, blow hot air again with the heat gun to loosen the remaining glue.

Finally, wipe the rim with alcohol to remove the residual glue.

Frequently Asked Questions

It can so happen that some inquisitiveness might be playing in your mind. So, go through the following FAQs to delve a bit deeper:

Q. Are reflective rim tapes illegal?

Usage of rim tape is not illegal. But you should carefully choose the color. Some states, do not allow the usage of blue and red colored rim tapes because people can mistake your motorcycle for an emergency vehicle.

You can choose any other color you like. But, it is a good idea to check with a more experienced fellow rider or your state officials to know about any color restrictions in your state.

Q. Is rim tape necessary?

Despite rim tape is usually not a must, it is necessary to maintain the longevity of your motorcycle’s wheels.

Q. What is the best color for motorcycle rim tape?

Motorcycle rim tapes come in various colors. And, there can be no color that you can regard as the best for your motorcycle rim tape.

The color that you like the most can be the best color for your motorcycle rim tape. It will help if you take into account your specific needs and preferences while choosing a color for your motorcycle rim tape.

The most popular colors for motorcycle rim tapes are red, white, and pink.


Rim tape is an essential item to prolong the lifespan of your motorcycle wheels. Also, the tape can impart visibility and add a bit of style to your motorcycle.

But, it can be a challenging affair when it comes to choosing the perfect rim tape for your motorcycle. However, things become easy if you have the right information.

We have tried our best to provide you with sufficient information to help you choose the right rim tape for your motorcycle.

Moreover, we reviewed three motorcycle rim tapes that we considered the best. The reviews can help you to know the nook and corner of the rim tapes. You can thus figure out which one will suit your motorcycle the best.

When it comes to our recommendation, we suggest you go for the Custom Taylor33 motorcycle rim tape. It is long-lasting and performs the best. You will get the value of your money.

However, it is all up to you to choose your motorcycle rim tape.

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