10 Best Scorpion Helmets

Choosing a perfect helmet is even tougher than riding the mountains. While buying the helmet there are so many aspects and needs a rider has to keep in mind. Such as what budget do we need, what type of helmet is the best, and many other internal features they have to keep in mind.

Even though people think the finest helmets are the best, they still come with several flaws. Scorpion helmets, on the other hand, are one of the best helmet manufacturers and can make all the difference while the rider is riding on mountains, plains, or anywhere for that matter. From entry-level to professional-grade, Scorpion has a helmet for everyone.

To provide you with the best selection of Scorpion helmets we did unbiased research for you guys and dug out some of their best products. We researched through amazon, Reddit, the official Scorpion Helmets website and also talked to many customers who used them before.

10 Best Scorpion Helmets Reviews

#1. Scorpion Exo Covert Unisex

Need a helmet that can be used by a male or a female? Then the Scorpion Exo Covert Unisex is a great option for you. It is a unisex helmet and also the material it is made of is really solid.

It is the first of his kind to be granted a US design patent. This radical design can be converted to work with any type of bike out there.

Its shell is made of advanced LG polycarbonate, which is exclusively composed by Scorpion. This polycarbonate shell is designed to minimize the weight and disperse impact. It has three distant riding modes which are full face, ¾ mode, and ½ mode. It also consists of an aero-tuned ventilation system.

It features a retractable tinted sun visor that eases the eyes from the lights. They also have an Everclear coating on them for a fog-free ride, and it also comes with dark smoke and a clear visor for night rides. It has a double D ring chin strap system.

The fabric used inside the helmet is KwikWick fabric which keeps you cool and dry in warm weather and warms in cool weather. The liner is easily removable and washable. Scorpion Exo Covert Unisex Helmet is DOT certified.


  • Comfortable lining, which is easily removable and washable
  • Lightweight
  • Suitable for all kinds of weather
  • Can be worn on any type of bike
  • Convertible
  • Can be worn on sunny days as well as at night because of the visors attachments


  • Not suitable for high speed

#2. ScorpionExo EXO – GT920

If you are looking for a decent-looking and affordable helmet then ScorpionExo EXO – GT920 is the one. It has all the necessary features of a modular helmet with the simple and sober design of a race helmet.

This modular helmet benefits from an aggressively shaped aerodynamic shell which is made of advanced LG polycarbonate material. It makes the helmet lightweight and gives strength. The quality of the helmet is really impressive at this price and comfortable.

It is made from the advanced LG polycarbonate which is exclusively made by Scorpion. This material is engineered to make the shell lightweight, strong, and maximize impact displacement. It has three different shell sizes available.

The inner lining of the helmet is made from a fabric named KwikWick II. It has a unique speed view drop-down sun visor and aero-tuned ventilation. The KwikFit cheek pads help in easy on and off of the common eyeglasses.

It also includes multi-layer ESP which provides higher force-displacement, retractable sun visor, and removable chin curtain. These all are some basic requirements a person needs in their helmet, which gives that at a reasonable price.


  • The construction of the helmet is quite sturdy
  • Sleek in look, modern styling
  • Padding is thick and comfortable to the head
  • Dual ventilation system
  • Reasonably priced
  • DOT certified


  • Relatively heavier than the other helmets out on the market
  • Cheek pads are a little too thick
  • The first visor is a little wide, allows so much air which aggravates the eyes

#3. Scorpion Exo – R420

Scorpion Exo – R420 is not a basic bikers helmet, it is a race-inspired helmet. It is from Scorpion’s 400 series which has great reviews all over. When R420 got released, it became a best seller immediately. This series is also recognized for its value in money.

It is one of the unique models from the Scorpion, all thanks to its Ellip Tec II Ratched system. This system provides a safe and easy change in minutes. It is easy to use and no additional tools are required for the whole process.

It is also made from the Scorpion’s ideal material which is advanced LG polycarbonate, which makes the helmet lightweight and sturdy. It has aerodynamic tech in it. Removable and washable fabric is used which is KwikWick II, it is a microbial fabric that keeps warm in winters and cools in summers.

Visors are optically clear, anti-scratch hardened coating, 100% UV protected screen with anti-fog technology. KwikFit cheek pads help in easy on and off of the regular style eyeglasses. Tabs are located on the cheek pads which makes them easy to remove by qualified emergency medical personnel.

It has an aero ventilated system that uses a large top vent and mouth vent, to allow more airflow and have a low noise ride. Its face shield lock system unlocks the shield in place. It is DOT as well as SNELL certified. It is a few of the helmet which is SNELL M2015 certified.


  • Emergency release system
  • Affordable
  • Anti Fog visor
  • UV protection
  • DOT certified
  • SNELL certified


  • A little bit heavy
  • Large shell size
  • Lifts lightly on highways at a certain speed

#4. Scorpion Exo – R710

Scorpion has an ‘R’ series which is well known to the market and they have an addition to its name R710. This helmet is a whole package of features that we will expect in a helmet. It is one of the most durable helmets on the market.

Its TriMatixshell is very sturdy, which is a blend of Aramid fibers and fiberglass. It makes the weight of the helmet optimized and comfortable to carry. Visors of this helmet are Everclear shield which is fog proof, scratch proof, and also UV protected.

It has an emergency release system, which can only be done by professional medical personnel. The aero-tuned ventilation system makes it friendly for all the weather. Advanced dual-density EPS gives adequate strength displacements on the EPS lining throughout the chin. The lining is made from their ideal material KwikWick II, which keeps the helmet weather friendly.

With all these features some other features it presents like KwikFit cheek pads, Ellip Tec technology, speaker pocket, rear spoiler, three shell sizes, double D ring.


  • Lightweight
  • Emergency release system
  • Made from Aramid fiber and fiberglass
  • Sturdy because of the TriMatrixshell
  • Fog proof
  • UV protected visor
  • Scratch proof
  • DOT certified
  • SNELL certified
  • ECE approved


  • Sizes come a bit small
  • There is no pin lock
  • Replacement of the visors is worth 25% of the new helmet

#5. Scorpion ST1400 Carbon Helmet

Combining the aerodynamics with the top-to-the-line carbon fibre helmet. There are few other inexpensive helmets but no one comes close to the Scorpion ST1400 Carbon Helmet. With the combination of features and build quality, it is a great option in the market.

Its build is to go with different types of bikes, more for lean forward bikes. Its shell is made from Raisin-infused TCT-U 3K Carbon fibre. This fibre gives aircraft-grade impact dispersal quality. CAD-refined aerodynamics give a streamlined structure that gives a smooth, stable, and quieter ride.

Its aero-tuned ventilation system is linked via adjustable dual ram-air and spoiler integrated exhaust. The inner lining is removable, washable, and replaceable, made of KwikWick III anti-microbial; the inside absorbs and dissipates odor and humidity.

Moreover, there few more features which we can find in the helmet are the AirFit inflation adjustment system, speaker pockets, KwikFit 3D cheek pads, Everclear no fog visors, adjustable chin bar, Ellip-Tec II ratchet system, and more. It also includes breath deflectors and chin curtains and has integrated reflecting piping on cheek pads.

It comes with three shell sizing, which is a great option to buy. If the rider is riding on a sunny day and wants more ventilation then this helmet might be a deal-breaker even though it comes with quite a number of features within this price range. This helmet is DOT certified as well as ECE approved.


  • Lightweight
  • Emergency cheek pad release system
  • No-fog shield
  • 99% protection from UVA and UVB rays
  • Large eye port design
  • Good ventilation
  • Great pricing
  • DOT certified
  • ECE approved


  • The quality of visors could be better
  • A rider can experience loud ride noise

#6. Scorpion AT950

Well, scorpion redefines the definition of value and versatility once again with this helmet. It’s like having four separate helmets in one. It’s a great option to wear on different varieties of motorcycles and also in different weather.

This helmet not only claims but also does what it says. It is sturdy and durable and also extremely protective. It is a full-face helmet with a detachable front face top visor. It comes in three shell sizing which is a really good option.

Its shell is made from the advanced LG polycarbonate and combined with dual-density ESP material which makes it lightweight, sturdy, and protective. This combination makes it only four to five pounds depending on the shell size.

The inner liner is made from KwikWick II, which makes it warm in cooler weather and cool in warmer weather. Pinlock is not there. Chinstrap is made from nylon with a double D-ring buckle. The chin strap has an ESP lining that makes it comfortable and great for overall safety.

It is a versatile helmet with some more basic features like no fogging technology, UV protection, removable sun peak, and a micrometric fastener. This helmet can be worn in rainy weather as the top vent, chin vent, and brow vent are tightly packed. It is DOT certified and also ECE approved.


  • Soft interior
  • Lightweight
  • Durable and protective
  • Good ventilation system
  • Anti-fog visor
  • UV protection
  • Suitable for all weather even rainy
  • DOT certified
  • ECE approved


  • Safety features have not been properly tested
  • Not ideal for sweltering weather conditions

#7. Scorpion R320

Scorpion R320 is a full-face helmet with most of the basic features for a budget-friendly helmet. It does not have any unique features but it is still a great helmet for short and long rides.

Its shell is built with the advanced LG polycarbonate fibre, as it is Scorpion’s ideal fibre for the shell. This fibre helps the helmet to cancel the energy that is generated during an impact, this will help to not get seriously injured in the head in an accident.

Its dual-density ESP is uniquely designed to give it maximum protection without being too heavy. The inner lining of the helmet is really comfortable and also removable and washable. It even dries down fast so that we can use it repeatedly and also does not contain any bacteria.

It comes with a clear visor and if the rider wants more different types then the rider can surely buy. This helmet does not come with the recent ratcheting system. However, they opted for the Ellip-Tech ratcheting system.

It is nicely ventilated for a smooth and comfortable ride. It has a pocket for communication but not a Bluetooth communicator. However, we can get it installed.


  • Aesthetical design
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable price
  • Emergency release cheek pads
  • Aero-tuned ventilation system
  • Ellip tech ratcheting system
  • DOT certified


  • Need to buy a few parts separately, like, a Bluetooth communicator, and so on
  • Does not certified under SNELL
  • Does not come with a dark visor, need to buy it separately

#8. Scorpion Exo VX – 35 Off-Road Helmet

If the rider wants to depict their badass personality then this helmet is the jam. This helmet esthetic is dirt biking type, however, anyone can have it for their preferences. With the different designs, it also comes in different colors.

The attractive shell is made from the famous advanced LG polycarbonate fibre, which gives it amazing strength and scratchproof. With the amazing look, it also gives security.

Dual-density ESP liner gives great security and is used to reduce the impact of the clash. Wearing this helmet, the rider can ride the motorcycle for hours.

The inner lining of the helmet is made from KwikWick II for endless comfort. This is an anti-microbial fabric, which keeps it hygienic. It also reduces the chances of building up microorganisms.

The Interior is aero-tuned ventilated. This ventilation makes the helmet fog proof which is really a great aspect for a rider, otherwise, it could cause accidents. Ventilation is combined with the AirFit liner that has an inflation system to give remarkable convenience. It has some further features like a peak extender which is not very common.


  • Durable
  • Scratch proof
  • Dual-density ESP
  • Anti-microbial inner lining
  • Aero-tuned ventilation system
  • AirFit liner


  • Single color pattern
  • Not DOT certified

#9. Scorpion Exo CT220

Scorpion Exo CT220 is an open-face helmet. It sounds like an old-school helmet, however, it has a modern look and is protective as well. It is a more economical option for an infrequent rider. It is similar to the other dual-density helmets which give good ventilation.

This helmet is exactly what is specified on the list of features. Its shell is made from advanced LG polycarbonate fibre, which makes the helmet lightweight yet sturdy. This open-face helmet is designed differently from the other open-face helmet on the market.

It comes with an aerodynamic body which is ideal for a rider, as it cuts through the air and feels light on the head. Thermoplastic material has been used to make it lightweight on the head.

It has an extendable face shield which is designed in a way that reduces turbulence. The inner lining of the helmet is made from KwikWick II fabric, it is the ideal fabric used by the Scorpion brand for most helmets. It is an antibacterial fabric, easy to remove and wash for hygienic purposes.

With all these features, Scorpion Exo CT20 also contains some more small features like a sun-blocking shield that is retractable and removable, the shield is fog proof, the shield can be extended, and some more. It is a DOT-certified helmet.


  • Hassle-free cheek pad removal
  • Separate compartment to keep shades
  • Clear visor for protection
  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy
  • Antibacterial inner lining fabric
  • DOT certified


  • The movement of the visor could be disrupted during the ride
  • Not SNELL certified

#10. Scorpion Exo T1200

This Scorpion helmet is from its Exo series. As the Exo series has always been a great choice for the riders, the T1200 is also one of those helmets. If the rider wants an all-day riding helmet then this helmet will be their jam.

It comes in five different graphic designs as well as thirteen color variations. The ‘T’ in the name stands for touring which defines itself that this helmet is for long rides. Its shell is made from TCT which is a five-layer blend of interlaced and specially formed from fibreglass, aramid, and organic poly-resin fibre.

AirFit inflated cheeks pads are three-dimensionally shaped for comfort and fit right in the shape of the rider. It has an Everclear face shield which protects it from UV rays and also makes it fog proof.

Its inner lining is made from KwikWick III, which is a moisture-wicking lining from the brand. This third-generation fibre keeps it warm in the cold and cool in the warm, also has anti-microbial and hypo-allergenic characteristics.

With these features, it also has some more like KwikFit eyeglasses, a VSV ventilation system ideal for Scorpion for better and comfortable ventilation, an Ellip-tec base plate, a rear spoiler, a double D ring, and comes in three different sizes.


  • Venturi Super Vent (VSV) system
  • Rear spoiler to keep the helmet lifted
  • Double D ring
  • Emergency release system
  • UV protection
  • Ideal for long or all-day rides
  • Ellip-tec system
  • Anti-microbial and hypo-allergenic lining


  • It creates a loud sound
  • Despite having an anti-fog coating on the shield it still gets foggy in cold

Buying Guide For Best Scorpion Helmet

Types of Helmet

For a rider, a type of bike is a thing he/she wants, however, a type of helmet which goes with their bike is also a topic. There are several different types of helmets and every helmet has its own pros and cons.

The rider has to write down their need and then go through the specifications of the mentioned helmets. There are types of helmets like full face, open front face, modular, off-road, and dual-sport helmets.

Construction of the shell

What is the helmet’s real job? To protect the head area. Therefore, the material that has been used in the shell is the main priority because it has to be sturdy to protect from an impact. The Scorpion brand is known to have the most sturdy helmets in the market.

There are a few kinds of fibres they use: carbon fibre the most studied one, advanced LG polycarbonate least expensive but still really good quality, and fibreglass/Aramid this combination is great, this combination is DOT and SNELL certified as well.

Visor and Hardware

Visors are a great aspect while buying a helmet, as it has to be easy to use and should stay in place while the ride. There are types of visors available in the market. It should be fog proof, protect from UVA and UVB, should be waterproof, and anti-scratch.

Usually, manufacturers go for these features as they cut the cost down, however, the visor mechanism should be good. In Particular, it should be fog proof and replaceable. The visor should let the rider wear its own glasses with the visor, it should not be uncomfortable while riding.

Ventilation System

It is a major factor in a helmet how comfortable it will be during a ride. Not having good ventilation could make the ride stifling and also make had to breathe especially in a full-face helmet.

Moreover, the more the rider sweats the more disgusting the rider will feel over time. So, good ventilation is really a great aspect to mention while buying a helmet. Fortunately, all the Scorpion helmets are well ventilated.

Their ventilation systems are really good and comfortable. Usually, the vents are situated at the mouth area, front top, and rear area. Make sure that the vents are adjustable as the requirement.

Paddings, linings, and Chin Strap

The outside of the helmet should be sturdy, as well as the inside of the helmet should be comfortable and soft. Scorpion uses the best qualities of fabric to be used in padding, which is easily removable. Most of the Scorpion helmets have emergency release systems.

Scorpion uses their best quality fabrics in the linings. They use KwikWick first generation, second generation, and also third generation. All three have their own benefits. Usually, their linings are easily removable and machine washable for hygiene purposes.

Next not important aspect a rider should notice is the chin strap. Because in the whole ride the chin strap is the thing that will help to keep the helmet in place and not fly away while at high speed. Chinstrap should be comfortable and do not peck for a comfortable ride.


Q. Are Scorpion Helmets Safe?

Scorpion helmets are proven to be safe, strong, and durable for riders. Scorpion uses their ideal technology on their helmets. They keep in mind to make them look good and at the same time, they should be safe and sturdy. Most of their helmets are DOT as well as SNELL certified, they even got more than average results in their SHARP results.

Q. How do you clean a Scorpion helmet?

Scorpion helmets are easy to wash, just to keep in mind not to use abrasives and solvents to clean them. The inner layer can be removed from most of the Scorpion helmets and it can be machine washed. Visors and shields can be cleaned with a microfiber towel or cloth with mild soap and lukewarm water.


So there we have the best 10 Scorpion helmets. This comprehensive guide contains the best products that scorpion offers. They offer amazing models that have a level of security without risking comfort.

These are among the most popular and qualified ones. Scorpion helmets are DOT certified as well, so your money is going in the right place. They do not jeopardize quality and comfort, they are the main objectives of their helmets.

While studying Scorpion helmets, it is really surprising that they give such a great feature and quality at such a price range is unpredictable. They give fibreglass shells, great ventilation systems, and more. Our picks are restrained yet dynamic helmets that offer so much at so few. It is really impressive.

We made this list to make sure that you are investing in a well-deserved product. The above list is made up after all the research we did and gives the best options from the Scorpion.

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