How To Drift a Motorcycle?

Drifting is a spectacular trick for motorcyclists. But not all motorcyclists know what drifting is all about, and many of them prefer staying away from it, regarding it as a dangerous activity.

Many motorcyclists are so crazy about drifting that they even go to the extent of modifying their motorcycles by installing extended swingarms, and turbos for extra horsepower that render the throttle response almost instant.

You need to learn and practice to master the art of drifting your motorcycle. It will nevertheless take some time, but once you master it, your excitement will know no bounds.

You will make many mistakes while learning how to drift your motorcycle. But you should learn from your mistakes and keep practicing until you attain perfection.

You should realize that drifting is a dangerous task that can result in injuries if you do not wear the essential protective gear, including the helmet. You should indulge in drifting after you master and become comfortable with the art.

Also, ensure that your motorcycle has no faults and is in a good condition. Do not forget to install the side armors on your motorcycle to protect it from damages if the motorcycle scrapes the ground.

How To Drift a Motorcycle?

Here are the steps in drifting your motorcycle effectively:

Getting Started

The first step in mastering motorcycle drifting is building confidence. And bear in mind that your first experience will not be pleasant. Therefore, what you need is confidence in yourself to ensure that you will succeed eventually. It is also a good idea to get mentoring from expert professionals when you get started.

Increase the air pressure in the rear tyre of your motorcycle. It helps to reduce the grip. However, the level of air pressure in the front tyre does not matter.

Proceed Slowly

Avoid starting in haste. Instead, start slowly. And allow building momentum comfortably. Remember that drifting is not about speed but skill. So, concentrate on building your skill gradually but effectively.

Drifting can be dangerous, so put on the necessary protective gear.


Learn how to burn out. It will make drifting easy for you. What you need to do is, put your motorcycle in the first gear. Then, let the clutch go off slowly and simultaneously rev the throttle. As a result, the rear tire will be rolling. You should practice continuously to master the skill.

Breaking the Back Wheel

Next, break the back wheel of your motorcycle while riding at 15 to 29 KM per hour. Pull the clutch and come to a hard-rear wheel brake. Practice it slowly at the beginning.

Do a 90-120 Degree Skid

Once you become comfortable breaking the back wheel, you should learn how to turn between 90 and 120 degrees at the end of your skid. Do this at the end and not before because you might lose balance if you skid at a fast pace.

Rear Wheel Slippage

After mastering the 90-120 degrees skid, you should get ready for putting everything into action.

When you get the maximum tilt with your motorcycle, release the clutch and open the throttle to about 50 percent.

In the beginning, you can use your leg for support. It will help you to prevent injuries even if your motorcycle crashes during the act.

Practice until you become comfortable and can do it without using your leg for support.

Tires to Use

It is a good practice to use ATV mud tires for your motorcycle for drifting. Such tires are robust and work well on any surface, whether muddy, sandy, concrete, or grassy.


We have put together what we can to help you to know how to drift a motorcycle. But, you can master the art only if you practice more and more.

Once you master the art, you can improve your skills and implement new tricks.

Disclaimer: The article is for reference purposes only. We are not responsible for any risks arising out of any motorcycle drifting practices based on this article because it’s a dangerous thing. Do it at your own risk.

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