How To Make Motorcycle Exhaust Sound Deeper?

For motorcycle enthusiasts, the thrill of a deep motorcycle sound showcasing the strength of its engine is unparalleled. If you want to make your exhaust sound deeper, keep reading.

This article will outline some ways to make you achieve the motorcycle persona you wish to create.

A deeper sound is a huge part of the experience and pleasure of riding a motorcycle. Most motorcycle owners believe that a deeper sound is better than a louder sound.

One of the most difficult elements of your motorcycle is the exhaust system. Its primary purpose is to keep the motorcycle’s dangerous fumes away from the person riding the bike and, most people will want to alter the sound of the exhaust system according to their liking.

Many people may try to make their motorcycle’s exhaust sound lower and softer. Perhaps to preserve their hearing ability, or to avoid attracting attention, or both. A motorcycle savant, on the other hand, will care about the sound of the exhaust system and my desire to make it sound deeper.

When you are altering the sound of your motorcycle exhaust, it is crucial that you make sure that you do not violate noise pollution regulations set in the area you reside in.

So, without further ado, let’s learn how to make your motorcycle exhaust sound deeper?

1. Removing Baffles

The first approach for creating a deep sound effect on your bike exhaust system is to use a resonator. All you have to do is remove a baffle from the exhaust pipe’s tail end. When you do this, you’ll hear a deeper sound than you did with the baffle on.

Newer and modern versions of motorcycles have removable baffles, compared to vintage motorcycles that would require irreversible modifications in order to remove the baffles.

How to Remove a Baffle from Your Motorcycle?

It is easier than it sounds, you can remove it yourself with a wrench set and a screwdriver, and will save you a trip to the mechanics. You will need these tools to remove the baffle from the exhaust system. To do so, follow the steps outlined below.

  1.  Turn off the engine and park your vehicle
  2. Examine the exhaust system, particularly the pipe’s tail end, to look for a tiny nut that connects the pipe to the baffle.
  3. Remove the small nut using a wrench.
  4. Using a flat screwdriver, separate the baffle from the pipe.
  5. Save the original baffle after you have removed it. It’ll come in handy for future inspections.
  6. The exhaust system will generate a louder sound once you remove the baffle, therefore you’ll need to replace it with a new baffle to make your motorcycle exhaust sound deeper.

Removing baffles may slightly affect the backpressure of the motorcycle, however, that does not significantly affect the overall performance or experience of your motorcycle. You may need to take your fuel-injected engine to a motorcycle shop to have the ECU remapped to adjust the lower backpressure.

2. Modify or install the mufflers

A motorbike exhaust system includes a muffler, which is often called a slip-on or a bolt system. It’s something that just goes on the rear of the exhaust system, and it’s done by replacing the “muffler” at the end. A muffler’s job is to ‘muffle’ or absorb as much sound as possible, however, replacing your muffler or customizing it to sound louder should do what you wish to achieve.

 There are different types of mufflers, including, stock mufflers, performance mufflers, and self made mufflers.

Stock Muffler

A Stock muffler can be slipped on a motorcycle exhaust to create not only a louder but also deep ‘vroom’ for your motorcycle.  A stock muffler can even be further modified as per the rider’s preferences. As these mufflers are cheap, conveniently installable, and easily modifiable, they are the best option for most vehicles.

Performance Muffler

A performance muffler is created specifically for your motorcycle to enhance its performance. Exhaust systems are utilized to boost the engine’s power and sound. Your bike will benefit greatly from an aftermarket exhaust. In exhaust systems, performance mufflers provide a deep sound. Make sure there are no limits or baffles in your muffler. For your performance exhaust, a straight-through design is optimal.

They also ensure that it does decrease back pressure to the engine and thus ensure peak performance. They might seem pricey, but they’re well worth it. Buying inexpensive exhausts would be a waste of money because their structure could be flimsy, but the exhaust is not something you should take chances with.

Self Customized Muffler

You can create a muffler that suits you best by modifying an existing muffler. If you have all the necessary items on hand, changing your muffler is a breeze. Even if you don’t have all the required tools, but you’ve ever done any kind of online shopping, you will be able to obtain any material required online.

If you’re lucky and aware of your motorcycle specifications, you may even be able to find a customized muffler online that matches your motorcycle. You will have to be a little more vigilant and check the durability and quality of these second-hand mufflers.

The motorcycle exhaust sound depends on a variety of elements, each of which produces a distinct sound. The sound is determined by characteristics such as the muffler’s diameter, size, and the material used to build the muffler. The displacement of the engine is another factor to consider. When engine variance is taken into account, a permanent adjustment may affect the technique for locating high-quality deep audio.

The small changes that require you to take into account the seller’s step will facilitate you to achieve the most effective outcome of your modification. The sound modification procedure is a prime stage in which you must apply your basic knowledge of sound modification.

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How to Modify Your Motorcycle’s Muffler?

You can modify the motorcycle muffler once the baffler has been removed. Once you have removed the baffler following the steps mentioned above, you may then follow the steps below to modify your muffler:

You will need a blade angle grinder, a Wrench Set, and a screwdriver.

  1. Make a round cut on the pipe’s exterior edge where it protrudes from the muffler.
  2. Then, start cutting roughly 2 inches inside the pipe with a blade that is small enough to fit within the pipe.
  3. Once you’ve sliced through, twist it with pliers to make a defined cut. The pipe’s end will come out. And the motorcycle exhaust will then have a much deeper sound to it and should be more to your preference!

Keep the baffle as well as the muffler (if removed) for future inspections, or you will be required to submit the original baffle if you decide to sell out your motorcycle.

Take Away

Altering your motorcycle for a deeper exhaust sound has grown extremely popular in recent years. Regardless of what your motorcycle exhaust sound preference is, be sure you do it correctly. Improper fits or installation might cause long-term harm to your motorcycle.

It’s best to know what exactly you are investing in when buying a custom or conventional replacement muffler, so you can have the greatest sounding motorcycle exhaust.

This task should be easy, provided that you know your motorcycle specifications well enough. This task should be a breeze if you know your vehicle well enough. If you’re new to owning such a machine, altering your motorcycle exhaust sound is the perfect approach to personalize your new buy.

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