How To Wear A Motorcycle Helmet With Long Hair?

Here’s something, you take your bike out for a nice ride in the autumn breeze, it is not too hot or cold, just the perfect temperature with slight winds; you put on your helmet and cruise down the street and take a sweet ride to wherever you need to get to. But once you take your helmet off, you see that your long hair is all snarled up and tangled. Or worse, when you ride, your hair flies everywhere due to wind deflectors and comes to the front of your face.

The trend, or preference, for long hair is all the hype these days for both men and women. However, managing your long hair, especially when riding a motorcycle, is a complication you’re not facing alone.  

Cruising down the road is one of the most satisfying and liberating experiences for a motorcycle fanatic or a frequent rider. Most riders even use their bikes to commute and cover long distances, making it their main form of transport while enjoying their lives. However, riding a bike with long hair can bring about countless problems, including messy hair, hair fall, and just your hairstyle under the helmet being ruined and your hair looking unkempt. In addition to having a good hair care routine to take care of your hair and repair damage, you must adopt a few tips and tricks that could save you from a day of unruly hair (and mood).

This article will share with you a few effective ways you can repair the damage done to your hair by harsh winds and the weather. We will also guide you on how to protect your hair from getting damaged in the first place.

Below are some of the best tips and tricks for you that will solve most, if not all, of your “mane” problems in just a snap.  

How to Wear a Motorcycle Helmet With Long Hair 

The most basic tip (and safety measure) while riding a motorcycle is to wear a motorcycle helmet. Wearing a helmet will protect your hair and what your hair is attached to. The helmet will also keep you safe from any mishaps during your motorcycle ride. But did you know: there are multiple effective ways to manage your hair even while wearing a motorcycle helmet.

Low Ponytail

A low ponytail will help resolve your hair problem while riding a motorcycle. It is an easy hairstyle for motorcycle riders that keeps the hair in place and allows you to maintain it even when the helmet comes off.

To tie your hair in a ponytail, gather your long hair on one side and wrap them with your hair tie. Make sure that hair is not tied tightly in a high ponytail, as this creates chances for your hair to be damaged due to the pull it creates. You may then secure your ponytail by putting it inside your rider jacket.

Low Buns

Tying your hair in a low bun is one of the ways through which you can keep your hair away from flying all over the place and enjoy your motorcycle ride without distractions. This hairstyle is one the most common ways for motorcyclists to wear their hair. Low buns keep your hair safer and keep your hair tightly in one place without damaging it.

You can put your hair in a bun by detangling your hair with a hairbrush (don’t brush your hair if they are curly, it might cause them to frizz), then tie your hair in a low and loose ponytail. Then twist the hair in the ponytail, then wrap the hair around the rubber band and tuck the end under the base. Secure your hair with another hair tie. You can also add some bobby pins in your bun to make it perfect for you while you ride without having second thoughts about your hair. You may even add some styling gel to make your hair settle.  

Braiding Your Hair

If you have long and thick hair that cannot be contained using a ponytail or even a low bun, then you may put your hair in a braid. A braid will gather all your hair in one place and out of your way. It won’t fly around inside your helmet or even outside of it. You can secure your hair in a braid or a ponytail with a ponytail or braid cover like Wraptor that will protect your hair from tangling or even getting messy.

Helmet Liner Or A Do-Rag

Helmet liners are another way to protect your long hair. You can wear a scarf or your helmet liner, also known as a bandana. The purpose is to line your hair with something so the hair does not slip on in front of your face and keeps your view clear while you ride. There are enormous markets out there from where you can buy these liners and keep your long hair safer than ever. Helmet liners are easy to use and do not let your long hair get tangled. They are also not heavy on the pocket, making them a popular choice.

All you have to do is wrap the liner around your head and pin it up with a safety pin, but be careful so you don’t end up hurting yourself. Helmet liners will keep your hair dust-free and soft. No air can touch your hair and you can fly like a free bird.

How To Put On And Take Off Your Helmet Without Damaging Your Hair

You can protect your hair by putting it on and taking off your helmet in the correct way. This will cause less damage to your hair and your hairstyle.

How to put on your helmet: Hold your helmet fasteners and pull them apart slightly to gently put on your helmet with a slight circular or swaying motion, so your hair doesn’t rub against the helmet and fasten the helmet.

Then, remove, unfasten the helmet, and pull the helmet fasteners apart slightly before removing the helmet with the same slight swaying motion.


Q. Will my hair get damaged after using the helmet liner?

No, it will not get damaged. Helmet liner will help your hair be in the right place, and it will not get damaged at all. Helmet liner protects your hair from dust, hair fall, and hair damage.

Q. Is it necessary to wear a helmet while riding the motorcycle?

Yes! It is very important to wear a helmet while you are riding. Helmets will keep you safe if you get into accidents. And when it comes to road safety, it’s always better to be vigilant. After all, your safety is in your hands. Everybody has to be cautious while riding a motorcycle and wearing a helmet is one of the most important things to do after doing your hair.  

Q. Is a helmet necessary for people who have long hair?

No, it is necessary for everybody. Wearing a helmet has nothing to do with the length of your hair. It does not matter if the hair is long or short. It’s a matter of your safety.

Q. Can I wear a bandana or a baseball cap under my helmet?

Yes, definitely, you can wear anything under your helmet as long as it does not damage your hair. Wearing a bandana or even a baseball cap set nicely can protect your hair from getting damaged. The main purpose of these hairstyles or hair accessories is to make sure that your hair does not get damaged at all. This way, you can have a peaceful ride on your motorcycle and enjoy your trip to the fullest without worrying about your long hair.

Q. Are there any tips to prevent static in your hair?

Yes! You can invest in a good hairbrush that helps you control static or electricity in your hair. You can also use rose oil that acts like an antistatic to protect your hair. You may even spray an antistatic inside your helmet and use an antistatic liner to prevent static in your hair.


Wearing a motorcycle helmet plays a vital role in completing your journeys just as you want. You can make multiple hairstyles with your long hair too and make your motorcycle ride simply thrilling. By following the simple yet smart, effective ways, you can keep your long hair healthy, and ride your bike in comfort like the wind.

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