What to do with Motorcycle Helmet when Parked?

What To Do With Motorcycle Helmet When Parked

The helmet is the safety crown a rider carries on his head, but this crown has to be kept aside at times. It can be while reaching the destination, during rest stay on the way, refreshment break, or in case of any emergency.

In all these situations, we prefer to take off our helmets to feel light and avoid tediousness.  Now, the question is where to keep the motorcycle helmet once it is taken off? Leave it on the bike or carry it wherever we go.

Confused? Relax, because here we will focus on all possible options to make the right choice.

4 Things to do with a Motorcycle helmet when parked

While parking the bike we have to make a prompt choice regarding our valuable asset (helmet), whether to carry it along or leave it aside. This decision depends on certain factors and preferences. As a result, the choice of handling the helmets varies for each respective situation.

#1. Carry it along

We often tend to choose the safest option for our belongings. As a result, for our peace of mind and complete security of our helmets, we choose to carry it along. Though this may be the safest option but is not always the convenient one. Notably, if the helmets are big and bulky, carrying them everywhere would be quite troublesome.

For the shorter distance and time, the helmets can be carried in the hands. Especially, when the helmets are light, small, and convenient to carry anywhere.  Also, one always feels the essence of responsibility if the helmet is there in the hands.

You can also buy dedicated motorcycle helmet bags that will keep them secure from scratches.

#2. Put it in a Backpack

Beyond carrying the motorcycle helmet in hands, one can use the hiking backpack for safety purposes. As these backpacks are easier to carry, therefore they provide great convenience and freedom.  Besides carrying helmets, a backpack can be used for essential items such as water bottles, lunch, gloves, etc.

#3. Use a Helmet Lock

One of the most popular and often used security measures is the helmet lock. Locks are available in various designs, sizes, and shapes that you can choose which best suits your helmet. It allows you to easily attach your helmet with the bike. However, make sure to always keep the lock keys safe with you.

#4. Leave it with the bike

Indeed, this is the most convenient way but lacks security and safety too. The helmets are left both locked and unlocked depending on the intensity of the situation.  Irrespective of what method we opt for, in no case can 100% security be ensured.

Leaving the helmet unlocked might take less time and can be preferred only if our work does not require much time. Additionally, this goes best only in the situation where we can keep an eye on our helmets so that catastrophe can be avoided.

On the contrary, while leaving the helmet outside most of us prefer to keep it locked with helmet locks. These locks are available in different shapes, sizes, and styles. So, we shall ensure making the right lock choice for our helmets.

 Factors determining whether to carry your helmet or not

There are several factors that serve as key guides to determine whether we choose to carry the helmet or not. These are the general factors and are not backed by any legal protocols. Most importantly, the impact of these factors on decision-making varies for each individual.

  •  Weight and size of the helmet: Ideally, we only prefer carrying lightweight helmets and avoid the burden of bulky ones. Therefore, if given a choice big and bulky helmets are kept at a place not carried.
  • Location of parked bike: In most cases, this decision depends on the parking location of the bike. If the area is completely inhabited then, carrying the helmet along is the better choice as this might involve a high risk for our asset.

Though no parking area provides guaranteed safety for the helmets, yet if carrying it is a harder choice and the place has a security guard or other in charge then leaving it is quite acceptable.

  • Personal Preference: Also, in some places, there is no entry with the helmets but the storage options are provided at such places. Else in other places carrying helmets along is not a big deal. So, it completely depends on the personal preference at a large and also on the place’s protocols up to an extent.
  • Time gap: If staying away from the bike is a short time deal then it is convenient to avoid carrying it, only if we can keep an eye on the same. Whereas, if the bike is supposed to be parked for a long time then make sure to carry it either in your hands or backpack for ensuring strong safety. Additionally, we can also choose to lock the helmets in this case.

Can It Still Be Stolen if Locked to a Motorcycle?

Yes, helmets are an easy target even when they are locked to a motorcycle. Someone can cut the strap or use tools to remove a bike part to steal them. If you are only going to be gone for a short time and have parked the bike in a well-lit area with people nearby, it is safe to leave the helmet locked to the bike.

For longer durations, it is best to bring it inside with you. Most places, such as malls, restaurants, and grocery stores, allow helmets and even have a storage area for them. You can now relax without feeling rushed to get back to your bike.

Locks ensure the safety of the helmet. The thief is most likely to walk away when they see it locked. For added protection, you can always install motorcycle alarms to alert you when a thief meddles with your bike.

Pros and Cons of Carrying the helmet

Carrying Helmet

Carrying the helmet along is indeed the best way. It gives us peace of mind and brings a better sense of security for our helmets. Besides bikes, we are choosy about the helmet models too. As a result, we try to keep it with us most often especially, when our helmet is one of the rare pieces of style and safety.

Alongside, for the places that are sketchy and inhabited, it is better to carry it and keep a watch on the same. This may sound funny, but we can use the helmet to reserve the seats for our favorite ones at restaurants, cafes, etc.

On the contrary, do you really think carrying the helmet creates a comfortable environment? Imagine sitting with a friend or office colleague at a place, and having a helmet in between or beside.

Also, it creates inconveniences for us when our one hand is busy handling something so heavy all the time. Hence, carrying the helmet might seem the safest choice but it is equally inconvenient at certain times.

Pros and Cons of leaving the helmet

We all want to feel hands free and relaxed, especially when we are doing something that we love to do, be it shopping or dining out. Don’t we? Hence, carrying the helmets along can add inconvenience to our experience.

Therefore, it is better to keep it locked in the bike or place it in some storage area, if available. Moreover, if we feel light and comfortable, then we can quickly finish our errands and enjoy ourselves.

Here, what cannot be neglected is the fact that leaving the helmet may increase its chances of theft. Additionally, its long exposure to the sun can impact its polish on the surface. Imagine during rainy days, if the helmet is kept in the open, how uncomfortable it becomes to wear.

And guess what, if helmets are wet, they take time to be dry all again. Therefore, it is necessary to consider all required facts before making a choice.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. What is the best place to keep our helmets on a motorcycle?

If we are fortunate enough to have lockable panniers then this is considered the best place to keep our helmets safe.  Moreover, it can neither be damaged by any hard knocking on the bike.

For a slightly shorter duration, when we can actually keep an eye on our bike, placing the helmet over the mirror, handle or seat is quite obvious. Else we can choose to secure it using the helmet lock.

Q. Can you fly with a motorcycle helmet?

Ideally, there are no issues flying with the helmet, if it passes the security check. We can carry it in our suitcase and personal backpack too.

There can be some issues in respect to handling it, as sometimes this might feel like a  burden when we are busy getting the boarding formalities done.

Also, it might not fit under the seat. But if we are sure to manage this personal inconvenience, then there lies no obligation in carrying it along while flying.


Precisely, there is no hard and fast rule to be specific about any choice. Since the ultimate aim of every option is to provide safety and security at large. Therefore, sincere consideration of the entire internal and external factor is the must-have step because we don’t just have to save our helmets from theft but also from sun, rain, and other such influences.

Furthermore, it is advisable to always keep helmet clip locks for shorter destinations and backpacks for the longer ones. And inarguably, the biggest secret of safety lies in being careful. So, make sure to keep your eyes open and be alert.

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